Speedy Audit for Global Sports Retailer

When the coach calls your name, you need to be ready to perform. That means warmed up, focused, and prepared to win with your teammates. PLUS QA is always ready at game time. We have the organizational flexibility and experienced staff to help our clients. These are the key ingredients for an accessibility success story. Especially when the clock is ticking down.







Man wearing a hearing aid testing out a sound device

The Client

A global European sports company found itself at legal risk in 2021. Its website was not accessible, according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The organization contacted several quality assurance teams to run a full audit for web accessibility testing on their e-commerce platform. None could meet their tight target deadline. Fortunately, that changed when they contacted PLUS QA. We are committed to turning around projects quickly every time. Additionally, we create simple, streamlined bug reports. Our team works onshore, allowing dev teams to check-in with project managers in their time zone. A perfect fit for the new client.

Challenge Accepted

Our new client needed a fast turnaround. But the company faced a major challenge: Its development team was unfamiliar with accessibility standards. The dev team needed the accessibility testing results to be easy to understand. Our testers needed to work fast. We had just a few weeks to complete our standard testing, interpret the results, and help with bug verification.

Mid section of a disabled man in a wheelchair using a smartphone while relaxing in a public park

A11y Testers for the Win

Accessibility testers at PLUS QA are passionate and experienced. In 2019, we forged a relationship with the Oregon Commission for the Blind, whose leadership helped guide us when hiring testers with disabilities. Our team of A11y testers is trained to work fast and has experience describing complex information using easy-to-understand terms and language. As a result, we discovered, verified, and reported hundreds of accessibility bugs within a few weeks to meet our client’s challenging deadline.

Accessibility Guidelines

We follow the latest version of WCAG 2.1 (and are preparing for WCAG 2.2) when we encounter an issue. These standards have become transparent, established norms for digital developers. Through our expertise, engineering teams can save time and energy when implementing fixes. 

Tester conducting a video meeting with a project manager on a laptop device

We’re There for You

Our accessibility team is onshore in the United States, which allows them to remain available at all times to answer questions through the bug-fixing process. In some cases, we help engineers over video calls to replicate accessibility issues or simply provide usability feedback. Our clients become familiar with our analysts because we dedicate a team to each project. Our methods help build strong relationships with our clients. Not to mention, our clients can rest assured that we will do what we can to meet any deadline.


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