Augmented Reality headset

Virtual & Augmented Reality App Testing

Since 2012, we have provided Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality app testing services. Understanding how to test Mixed Reality applications goes beyond simply testing the functionality of the application.

At PLUS QA we recreate optimal VR & AR testing environments to reproduce user scenarios so your app is successful.

Employee testing a VR device

Emerging Technology

With an increasing amount of Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality devices and applications, and more than 22.4 million Americans already using virtual reality, it is clear that this emerging technology is an exciting new platform which presents its own unique challenges and testing needs.

Making sure XR experiences work as expected across all types of devices, headsets, as well as mobile phones, is critical before releasing your application to the public. That’s why at PLUS QA we support testing across various iOS and Android devices and test apps end-to-end to guarantee everything works as designed.

Employee testing a VR device
Employee testing virtual reality device on stationary bike

Unique Challenges & Testing Needs

App testing on VR and AR devices is inevitably more complex than manual testing on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop browsers. VR now includes full-body immersive experiences that can introduce the risk of physical discomfort and consequences such as headaches, motion sickness, and eye strain.

To prevent this kind of discomfort, we perform thorough accessibility testing and verify that users with physical, visual, hearing or cognitive impairments can enjoy your Mixed Reality application or experience comfortably.

We create custom test cases and detailed checklists based on all user workflows and thoroughly test that all features work as designed and that your Mixed Reality device or application is ready for prime time.