E-Commerce Testing Services

We understand that e-commerce is critical to your bottom line. You want to get your product on the market, earning money, as fast as possible. We can help you do that while making sure you get it right.

Tablet device pictured next to two credit cards. On the tablet, the website 'AliExpress' is loaded.
Tester holding a credit card in front of a mobile device. On the device, the tester is entering their card details into a form on an e-commerce website.

Great Shopping Experiences

You don’t want critical flaws influencing users’ first impressions–which often remain even after you’ve patched your product. Launching a successful e-commerce platform can be challenging because it often includes dozens of product pages, advanced search functionality, user account management, and more.

At PLUS QA, we can quickly scale a testing team to make sure your users won’t have any issues purchasing products and managing their accounts on any browsers or mobile devices.


Illustration of a mobile device laying on its back side. Drawn from the center of the device screen is a shopping bag icon and surrounding the device is a series of e-commerce adjacent iconogray such as a credit card, a shopping car, and a delivery car.

Considering All Possible User Scenarios

Our experienced team will test all front-end product pages and content management functions related to payment, search, user account management, and sales tracking. We have a detailed process to document all user scenarios and ask our team of experts to test across dozens of browser combinations.

Shopper holding a mobile device outside of a retail store. They are purchasing a product on the businesses website.

Comprehensive E-Commerce Solutions

The success of a product will be impacted by a users’ experience. They want easy ways to find and customize products on a platform that’s functional, accessible, stable, and secure.

Prior to test planning, you will need to know the scope and size of the e-commerce platform you want tested. Then you can look at different types of testing we offer and decide which resources will help you ensure a successful project launch.

E-commerce testing can include Compatibility Testing, Functionality Testing, Accessibility Testing, Usability Testing, Payment Testing, and Localization Testing.

To scale this type of project, working with internal resources is a great solution, but it brings challenges when you need to expand your testers and devices or bring in experts in test automation, mobile testing, and accessibility testing

Over the shoulder view of a tester working in the backend of a WordPress CMS

CMS Testing

While content management system (CMS) tools make building a website easier, they don’t ensure that the final product will be bug-free. Now that companies have access to a myriad of CMS tools to support their ecommerce products, it’s important to recognize the value of CMS testing. Each time we partner with a client, we make sure that the CMS works as expected with the products and pages on the front end. We also test to make sure all transactions made on the front-end are saved on the back end. Our experience working with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and Drupal makes it easy for us to quickly ramp-up testing and navigate your system functionalities without requiring too much assistance from your development team.

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