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Located in Portland, Oregon USA, our team of 80+ QA professionals delivers high quality and efficient Quality Assurance Testing Services.

From device compatibility and functionality to accessibility and automation testing, learn more about how our company can help you launch your website or mobile application with the best user experience.

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We work with hundreds of satisfied customers
from digital agencies and startups to Fortune 500 brands.

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Testing for an evolving world

Our Lab includes more than 300 physical devices from iPhone to Android phones and desktop to Mixed Reality devices.

We help you find bugs across all different types of platforms to ensure you deliver high quality products to your customers.


Our lab includes 300+ Android and iOS devices in a variety of sizes and operating systems.

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Desktop and mobile testing done using the web’s most popular browsers.

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Mixed Reality

With our library of VR, AR, and Mixed Reality HMDs, we’re ready to test for the future.

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Functionality, hardware, and user experience testing on various connected devices.

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You Build It – We Test It

We have extensive experience testing apps used by millions of users around the globe.

We provide a combination of functionality testing, device compatibility, and automation testing.

In addition, our Accessibility team is made up of a group of professional testers and testers with disabilities to make sure your app is accessible by all, everywhere.

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All the solutions and data you need in one place.

Get onboard with our platform and let us help you manage all your build distributions, bugs and test cases.

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