We make software testing simple.

PLUS QA is a quality assurance testing company based in Portland, OR.

Our approach is providing 100% onshore QA services by experienced testers on real devices.

Find out how we can help you make your next digital project a success.


Web & Mobile Application Testing Services

PLUS QA has been testing web and mobile applications for more than 14 years. We support testing on more than 400 desktop and mobile devices. Our team uses real devices and test applications to give our clients peace of mind when their apps go live. That includes testing for compatibility, functionality, and accessibility.



Accessibility Testing Experts

Our accessibility testing guarantees that your website, mobile app, or service is accessible and addresses the needs of as many users as possible–including users with visual, hearing, physical, or cognitive disabilities.

Types of Testing We Support

Illustration of an android tablet and iPhone device next to each other
Mobile Testing

Our lab includes 400+ real Android and iOS devices in a variety of sizes and operating systems stored in a secure environment. Learn More >

Illustration of iMac and Macbook device next to each other
Web Testing

Desktop and mobile testing using the web’s most popular browsers. We verify compatibility and identify performance inconsistencies. Learn More >

Illustration of Microsoft Hololens augmented reality device
Mixed Reality Testing

With our library of VR, AR, and Mixed Reality HMDs, we’re ready to test for the future. From our offices, we can simulate ideal use case environments. Learn More >

Illustration of Apple Watch device
IoT Testing

Functionality, hardware, and user experience testing on various connected devices. Our team can support a range of wearable device sizes. Learn More >


Always On Time. Always Accurate. Never Outsourced.

Since we founded PLUS QA in 2008, we have helped large e-commerce companies, startups that later went public, and hundreds of digital agencies successfully launch digital experiences. Why are we so successful? Because we only utilize professionally trained testers here in the United States who work in the same time zone as our client product and engineering teams.

Every time our clients launch a new product, we assign the same team of QA engineers to ensure testing is seamless and accurate. And all devices used for testing are real products tested in a secure environment. We never allow our testers to use their own devices.


Finding the Best Testing Partner

At PLUS QA, we empower our clients by helping them explore the options and resources that best fit their projects. We will not assign dozens of testers who create poor-value bugs. Instead, we will designate a small team of QA professionals who provide high-value bugs, while working in the same time zone as clients. This allows them to answer questions that arise during tenuous around-the-clock launches.

We know launches can get messy and stressful. Our secure test environment allows us to quickly turn around projects–which helps alleviate some of that stress–and helps deliver high-quality web and mobile application launches.