QA Testing Services for Startups

We understand launching a startup can be unpredictable. It’s important to have a reliable testing partner whose process will offer consistency to your development. PLUS QA has more than a decade of experience managing QA services for startups that are developing and launching innovative products—some of which now have millions of users.

We can help predict issues and identify problems before they impact development. Our elastic process allows us to start small and scale-up testing to meet the needs of each developmental stage. Contact us today to find out how our experience can add certainty to your startup’s business plan.

Top down view of startup employees collaborating at a large desk


View of tester working at their desk, interacting with another device.

Flawless Execution

You don’t get to the top of the quality assurance industry by taking shortcuts. Our analysts will thoroughly assess your needs, help you decide which services will support your needs, run your product through every conceivable user scenario, and provide you with actionable fixes to any flaws. PLUS QA will help ensure your users experience the product you envisioned.

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Project Elasticity

Your needs won’t remain stagnant after launch. New technologies emerge, people will shift how they use technology, and accessibility needs will alter how your product is accessed. If you’re fortunate, success will push your technology to its limits. We’ve seen this happen many times and remained flexible to meet our client’s needs on each occasion.

One client, a travel startup, exploded in size, doubling revenue almost overnight. We started the project focused only on mobile application compatibility and functionality. In months, we expanded our work to include the startup’s website and eventually integrated our team into theirs to ensure ongoing success. During that time, we developed new methodologies to help them provide a quality experience for the tens of millions of users who utilize their service today.

Illustration of a collection of devices together. There is a tablet, a phone, a laptop, and a desktop computer.

500+ Mobile and Desktop Device Library

You cannot expect every user to have a new phone or the latest operating system. In fact, it’s safer to assume many users will run an outdated OS on a more than a year-old device. There are hundreds of potential combinations to consider when testing QA services for startups. We utilize a vast catalog of devices to make sure almost every possible combination of devices and operating systems is possible. Our library includes more than 400 smartphones, VR/AR devices, headphones, and wearables—and is constantly expanding. Check out our 2023 iOS and Android smartphone testing guides to see how we decide which smartphones and operating systems we utilize.

Illustration of a screen in Test Platform. Placed in front of it is Test Platform's platypus mascot, Tess.

Test Platform

We developed a custom platform that streamlines our QA services for startups. Test Platform is a robust suite of test management tools that helps make sure testing between projects remains consistent. It also offers transparency, allowing our clients to track the testing process, access clear visual data, and manage the project more efficiently.