PLUS QA Aids Retail Giant’s Incredible E-Commerce Expansion

We build relationships that last. One of our biggest clients is a top three U.S. retail company that trusts PLUS QA because, year after year, we continue to deliver reliable results.







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The Impressive Client

In 2011, a mega-retailer with a global presence wanted to launch iOS and Android apps to compete in the digital space with Amazon, Staples, and Apple. At the time, it was difficult to find a reliable testing company in the United States. A few testing firms existed, but the retailer wanted a team of trained and skilled testers who could accelerate testing and quickly complete the work across both platforms. That retailer hired PLUS QA based on our existing project performances.

The Client’s Lofty Goals

Our client wanted what all successful companies want—to scale up and accelerate the release of their products while maintaining high-quality standards. The apps included complex features, such as voice recognition, QR scanning, budgeting tools, and coupon integration. Their website had more than 100 million users per month at the time—and they wanted to ensure every feature on the app performed flawlessly at launch.

Our Solutions

Our analysis showed that to meet the needs of the unique technologies being tested, our team would have to work from different silos while maintaining close contact with our client’s internal QA and engineering teams. It allowed them to scale up the project—while we wrote and updated test cases and executed tests on dozens of devices. Over the years, as our client evolved their apps, we embedded testers within their company to oversee internal solutions that they could not handle on their own. It helped us better understand their needs—both internally and externally.

When we started the project, we mainly focused on iOS devices. The client recognized the quality of our work and extended our testing to Android devices and the website. Within a few months, we were working alongside large engineering teams to help accelerate the project at an unprecedented pace. Together we succeeded. The apps helped our client’s digital presence explode in size. The trust we gained as collaborators led to several new high profile initiatives that our client hired us to oversee.

“I worked with PLUS QA as a software engineer and their team has gone above and beyond our expectations. I highly recommend working with PLUS QA as a reliable testing partner.” J.P., SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER

Our Innovation

By 2015, our client had become one of the world’s top four e-retailers. Their apps were in constant expansion to meet their growing demand. We needed a solution to help coordinate the testing and release of new builds. In 2016, we introduced a custom solution called BetaCrash. It allowed engineers to distribute their builds more easily—and it worked. Between 2019 and 2020, our client used BetaCrash to distribute more than 40,000 builds that were downloaded more than four million times.

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Reliable Partnership

This client remains one of our biggest today. They see how we analyze their unique needs, develop flexible systems around those needs, integrate with their employees to streamline communication, and create innovative solutions as their company’s digital footprint expands. It’s why one of the world’s largest retailers has counted on PLUS QA to help thrive in the e-commerce market for more than a decade.

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