Data Collection Services

The collection, analysis, and usage of data is becoming an invaluable asset. Companies that learn to properly utilize data have an edge over their competitors who don’t. Our thorough documentation process ensures you receive all of the data compiled during our quality assurance testing.

Close up view of a computer screen. Displayed on it is several black squares with data information and line graphs.
Close up view of computer screen with several lines of code and data values displayed

Data-Driven World

Data is quickly becoming one of the most valuable assets in the digital era. Companies use it to identify problems, craft strategy, and better understand their users. Accessing data can transform your bottom line. It’s an asset you will want collected during the testing process.


Close up view of a data dashboard software screen

Data Collection

As we test, we collect data related to the type of issues we find: Functionality, device compatibility, accessibility, and usability. After each round of testing, we gather and filter that information into reports that are shared with you, our client. We also break down the type of issues by component, devices, and platforms.

Over the shoulder view of a user viewing a data dashboard on their laptop device

User Usage

During our usability testing, our staff creates user profiles as they work. Their unique footprints can help you determine what areas could see extra traffic or need improvements before launch–even if they don’t need fixing.

The data you receive should be safely stored. You can review it in the future to see how your product has evolved and utilize the data to determine what steps you should take next to ensure its success.

View of one of PLUS QA's secure testing rooms at our HQ office

Private and Secure Testing

Keeping your data safe is critical to our mission. Our testing is done in-house, which means your data is not shared beyond our walls. Our servers are secure and protected. This means that the data we collect on your product is seen by only two parties: Us and You.