Experienced in Mobile Application Testing

For more than a dozen years, PLUS QA has provided high-quality software testing for large retailers, digital agencies, and startups launching mobile applications.

Over the shoulder view of a tester validating a mobile application
View of multiple iPhone devices layered on top of each other on a table

Support for iOS and Android Platforms

We have more than 400 real mobile devices in-house that we use for testing. We can emulate critical flaws on real iOS and Android devices that could potentially ruin your launch day. Our team creates detailed bug reports that help you fix those issues before they reach your users–no matter what device, screen size, or software version they use.

Our detailed and efficient QA testing process ensures you spend more time focusing on your product rather than being concerned about bugs and how your mobile app will function once it goes to production.

Contact us if you’d like to see the list of desktop and mobile devices we support at our in-house Test Lab.


Top down view of several different types of devices. Included are Android phones, Android tablets, iPhones, iPads, and a Macbook.

Choosing the Best Devices to Support your Mobile Application

We test a wide range of iOS and Android apps every day for retail, medical, sports, travel, marketing, and other industries.

Before every project, we identify the best devices to support your app (and user audience) by tracking iOS and Android platform distribution statistics. Our Test Lab features an extensive collection of iOS and Android devices to help us test your application against multiple versions of the same device. Our attention to detail will pay off for you and your application.

Top down view of several different types of devices. Included are Android phones, Android tablets, iPhones, iPads, and a Macbook.

Fast testing & Quick Turnaround

Our process is simple! Get in touch with us to see how we can help you test your mobile application. Once we have basic information about your app, we can quickly get back to you with an estimate. No long-term contract and no onboarding fees! We keep the process fast and simple.

Our Mobile Application Testing will run your app through several stages of testing:

Device Compatibility

Our device library features 400+ mobile devices and supports all types of apps on iOS and Android platforms.

Functionality Testing

We ensure device compatibility by running them through hundreds of functionality tests.

Connectivity Testing

We ensure that your user experience remains the same whenever your users interact with your app on any given network on their phone or tablet.

Accessibility Testing

We use native assistive technologies to ensure your apps work for everyone across all available platforms and devices.

Illustration of a mobile device with a hand interacting with it. Next to it is the a gear icon with an arrow showing a continuous process.

Continuous Testing

Some companies work with us several times a year on various app releases. A large number of companies release on a weekly basis. Our team can scale up and down the testing to meet their demands. If you are interested in learning more about our managed testing services, please reach out to us or visit the managed services testing page.