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Want to work with ensuring the quality of Fortune 500 company products?

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  • A11Y Project Manager
    A11Y Project Manager

    Posted: 7/8/2022

    Location: Portland, OR

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  • Project Manager
    Project Manager

    Posted: 7/8/2022

    Location: Portland, OR

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  • Part-Time QA Analyst
    Part-Time QA Analyst

    Posted: 2/11/2022

    Location: Portland, OR

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What We Do

Your Quality Assurance Testing Partner

At PLUS QA, we help our clients to test their websites, mobile applications and connected objects by providing software testing services so each product launch can be a success.

In 2020, our team worked with 90+ companies around the United States and Europe.

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Diversity Certified Supplier

PLUS QA is a certified minority-owned business.

In 2021, we received our MBE certification through NMSDC. NMSDC’s strict guidelines and thorough process ensure certification is largely accepted by publicly, privately and foreign-owned companies. Companies at all levels are seeing the important of doing business with certified MBEs and working with us helps them reach their supplier diversity goals.

Why Join Our Team?

The perks of being at PLUS QA

Company Events

Breakfasts, Hack-a-thons, game nights, & more! We like to spend time with our peers.

401k Investment Plans

We care about your retirement so we offer competitive 401k plans with company match.


On-site and on-time. Having our on-site team helps us keep a close eye on our deadlines.

Women In Tech

We are committed to bringing more women into technology! In fact, 50% of our company is woman owned and 32% of our leadership positions are held by women.

Fortune 500 Companies

PLUS QA is lucky to work with well-known Fortune 500 companies that keep us on top.

Work-Life Balance

Work, health, friends, family time – we know life is a delicate balance. At PLUS QA, we value sticking to standard business hours so you have time to equalize it all.

Hiring Process

  • Review

    Applicant resumes will be reviewed by an HR representative;All candidates will receive a reply from PLUS QA

  • Phone Screen

    If selected, PLUS QA will send a request for a 15-30 minute phone screen.

  • In-Person Interview

    Candidates that are selected from the phone screen round will be invited for an in-person interview to discuss more technical aspects of working with PLUS QA.

  • Tester Trial

    Qualified candidates will be invited for a Trial. Here the candidate can see what a day-to-day at PLUS QA looks like, and the company can identify if it will be a mutual fit.

  • Offer

    At the end of the trial, successful candidates will be offered a position at PLUS QA and assigned a team and start date.