Testing Services

You Build It – We Test It

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On-Shore & On-Time Testing

The foundation of a positive user experience for your application or website starts with successful functionality testing.

Prior to starting on a project, we make sure we understand each functional requirement and features to be tested. From there we establish a test plan and testing strategy based on the size and complexity of our client’s projects.

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How Do We Test?

Before testing any project we create custom test cases based on the type of application we will be working with. In some cases, we partner closely with our client’s Quality Assurance teams to help build test suites.

Our company has more than 12 years of experience QA testing the functionality of e-commerce platforms, websites, iOS and Android apps, streaming platforms and connected objects. Our team is able to test the functionality and device compatibility of your apps in addition to executing automated tests and looking for accessibility issues.

Two testers working together outside
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Real People & Real Devices in a Secure Environment

With more than 400 mobile devices and 2 PC labs, we ensure your application works as expected in all possible configurations. We do not use any virtual machines, we only test on real test stations for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Our team of test engineers is located in Portland, Oregon, and, unlike crowd testing solutions, we offer a safe and secure environment to test your apps. Which is one reason why banking and medical companies choose PLUS QA for their testing needs.

Our dedicated test team will help you accelerate testing, reducing the noise and the work for your engineering team by intercepting invalid or duplicate bugs and bringing QA expertise to your product.

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Continuous Testing

We partner with medium and large companies around the US to help them execute continuous testing on their apps.

Depending on the nature of the application, we combine various types of QA testing services like cross-browser functionality, device functionality, compatibility testing, and also automation testing when it’s a good solution for the product. We work with our clients’ engineering teams to create the best solution for their needs and to help ship their app faster without sacrificing quality.

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