IoT Device & Experience Testing

Our homes and businesses are now filled with devices. They’re in our fridges, televisions, speakers, and even our shower heads. At PLUS QA, we make sure these hi-tech features work properly to benefit your customers’ lives—not inconvenience them.

View of Apple Watch device with Activity screen active
Illustration of a mobile phone with a checkmark on the screen displayed to the right side of an illustration of a house. Connected to the house via dashed lines are various objects you'd find in a connected home such as a car, a speaker, a lightbulb, and a security camera.

Emerging Technologies

Over the last 14 years, the kind of work we do has evolved as new technologies have emerged. The Internet of Things is a classification of technology that includes any physical object that exchanges data over a communication network–which includes the internet or Bluetooth technology. Each year, more of our clients are coming to us with these projects.


Top view of an assortment of connected object devices on a table

Experienced IoT Testers

Most testing on these objects is done in-house by companies because it’s hard to find reliable QA testers for technologies that didn’t exist a few years ago. PLUS QA is one of the few outside QA testing companies that has been trusted enough to test these products. We’re proud to say we’ve helped clients successfully launch connected objects such as microphones, sleep monitoring devices, streaming devices, smart watches, smart shoes, and even a heart monitor.

Google home mini device placed next to an android phone. The Google Home has four lights active on the top of the speaker.

Seeking Compatibility

PLUS QA has found success testing connected objects because of our established methodology. Our testers are experienced in handling new technologies. They have access to more than 400 mobile and desktop devices. That allows us to explore dozens of configurations and scenarios over various networks to ensure compatibility. At the end of testing, we collect the data, file a report, and securely present it to our clients just like every other job we do.