One Testing Platform to Streamline the Testing Process

Intuitive Bug Tracking Tool, Efficient Build Distribution, Robust Test Case Management & Execution, and the data you need – all in one place.

Test Platform is a complete and powerful solution for managing your next testing project. We have combined thoughtful design with years of QA experience to create a robust suite of test management tools, that help make testing easier and launching your website or application faster.

Illustration of a screen in the Test Platform app. Next to that is an illustration of a platypus character named Tess.


Test Platform’s dashboard provides powerful and useful data visualizations that help you better understand where and how to improve your application.


Test Platform includes a full suite of issue filing, tracking, and prioritization features to ensure that your launch is bug-free.

Test Cases

Test Platform features a complete and accessible workflow for writing, editing, and executing test cases.

Device Lab

Test Platform’s device lab enables users to easily add, edit, and manage a library of real devices for testing.


Test Platform offers full support for the real-time distribution and visibility of iOS and Android application builds.

Four icons linked together by a dashed zig zag line. The first icon represents "Builds", the second icon represents "Test Cases", the third icon represents "Test Passes", and the fourth icon represents "Bugs"

The All-In-One Solution

Test Platform uniquely streamlines the testing process by providing users with an all-in-one QA solution that includes an intuitive bug tracking tool, efficient build distribution, robust test case management & execution, and powerful insights into the data you need to know.

Getting set up with Test Platform is easy and included as part of the testing experience with PLUS QA. After onboarding, a brand new project will be created and all members of your team will be invited to join and create a new Test Platform account.

Once logged in, you’ll immediately have access to the full Test Platform feature set and can begin managing your testing project with confidence.

A collage of several user interface components used in Test Platform

Simple + Lightweight

Test Platform uses a simple and lightweight design to ensure an easy, responsive user experience and provide maximum efficiency throughout the entire testing process.

After a simple setup, you’ll be using Test Platform and preparing your app for release in no time.

Animation of test platform's dashboard

Powerful Insights

Test Platform’s dashboard provides powerful and useful data visualizations that can help you better understand where and how to improve your application. This includes relevant statistics on devices; browsers and operating systems used for testing; and valuable testing insight – we want to help you get bugs fixed faster.

Keyboard shortcut menu in Test Platform. It describes shortcuts a user can take advantage of when interacting with test cases.

100% Accessible Platform

We have designed and built Test Platform with our Accessibility QA team to be 100% accessible to our testers with disabilities and for our clients. Not only is our platform easy to use, it also provides easy access for all our team members through an intuitive experience. Every user can access our bug tracking, test cases management and other features available in Test Platform.
Our Test Platform was built according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1.