Web and Desktop Application Testing

We see launching a new website as a team effort. At PLUS QA, we work by your side to ensure your website meets the highest quality standards when it launches. We make sure the testing process is simple and work closely with your team to make sure the launch goes well. Find out how we help hundreds of organizations every year launch their web projects!

Top down view of testers hands on a macbook device. Next to them is a mobile device and a tablet device.
Tester sitting on couch using an iPad Pro device

Fast, Scalable, and High Quality Testing Services

Once you get in touch with us, we quickly analyze your needs and offer a custom solution. After you hire us, we assemble a team of QA specialists, create all the test documentation, and proceed with testing. Our well-established process helps hundreds of websites successfully launch every week.

We regularly test a variety of projects, such as websites, e-commerce services, rich media banners, microsites, and content management systems.


Side view of three employees testing a mobile app and taking notes

Ensuring Functionality, Compatibility, and Accessibility

We strive to ensure your website maintains a consistent and positive user experience no matter who your users are. That’s why we support testing web and native desktop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. We utilize more than 80 desktop workstations and more than 400 mobile devices in our Test Lab that allow our team to test across as many unique specifications and browser versions as possible.

We also employ a professional and diverse team of accessibility testers. Find out why some of the world’s most successful companies choose PLUS QA to audit the accessibility of their websites.

Interested in learning more about Web and Desktop testing?

Visit our blog where each month we deep-dive into the latest topics in web testing and the QA industry.

An M1 iMac open to the desktop screen, set up on a circular table.

Desktop Application Testing Services

In addition to web application testing, our specialists are trained to test desktop apps on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. We use real computers for both Mac and Windows environments–not virtual machines–to make sure our clients are confident their apps will work across all types of user configurations.

We provide thorough bug reports on test platform configurations and help clients reproduce bugs with detailed screenshots and system logs.