iMac device placed on a wood table. Next to it is an iPhone that is posed on a phone stand.

PLUS QA: The Most Trusted Quality Assurance Testing Partner

Your users are not one-dimensional. Neither are we. PLUS QA can test your app or website with more than 400 devices to ensure it functions correctly. Our methodically planned process remains elastic throughout the project, which allows us to scale up and speed up testing without reducing quality.

Web Testing

We help companies to launch the best user experience whether it’s a microsite, a large website or any online interactive experience.

Mobile App Testing

We test hundreds of iOS and Android applications on hundreds of real devices in our Test Lab–including your favorite streaming apps, top-selling games, and education apps used in schools throughout the world.

AR/VR Testing

From testing video gaming experiences to interacting with live sports events, check out why dozens of companies hire our Mixed Reality testing team each year.

IoT Testing

Connected objects are part of everyday life. From testing connected watches to smart microphones or devices onboard your car, we help our clients to think and test hundreds of configurations to ensure the quality of their products.

Data Collection

Data is one of the most valuable resources in the digital era. We gather the data that populates during testing to help our clients understand how their products are used before customers ever see them.

E-Commerce Testing

From a small business to one of the top retailers in the world, learn how we can help any company size to test and launch their e-commerce efficiently and effectively.