PLUS QA: The Most Trusted Quality Assurance Testing Partner

At PLUS QA, we make testing simple. Our team of experts is trained across a variety of devices, platforms, and operating systems. Find out what we test and how we can help you accelerate the release of a flawless product.


Accessibility Testing

Learn how we built a test platform that is 100% accessible, enabling our blind testers to analyze any product. We make accessibility testing an easy process for your team.

Functionality Testing

No matter what type of product you create, we will test all possible user scenarios to make sure your app is bug free.

Compatibility Testing

We can test any app on any device–from mobile apps to websites to VR applications–we have hundreds of devices in-house to ensure your app is compatible across all of the most popular browsers.

API Testing

If your product is not communicating with your user’s device, that person is no longer a user. We help make sure your users stay connected by finding product interface flaws.

Usability Testing

Our experienced staff will identify the many ways your target audience will use your product. We then develop custom testing to find the flaws you don’t want your users finding.

Test Automation

We can develop a custom automated testing system for you that will evolve with your company–finding flaws that are exposed as you pivot or grow.

Payment Testing

You need the payment process to be flawlessly executed to sustain your business. We can help ensure your customers will check out with ease using our secure and confidential methods.

Managed Services

Our staff can be an extension of yours during development, identifying flaws early in the product cycle, and helping ensure development runs smoothly through launch.