Application Programming Interface (API) Testing

API testing focuses on specific parts of your software that communicate with other programs. If these don’t work precisely as programmed, your product won’t work. That’s why it’s critical to have a team of experts who can ensure the communication is carried out successfully.

View of a laptop on a table. On the laptop screen, a code environment is being run.
An illustration of a magnifying glass showing a crack in the code visible on a laptop.

Finding & Fixing Cracks Early

API is a foundational part of your application, impacting communication between your database and your front-end users. Our analysts search for any cracks in your API that may hinder or prevent successful communication. We like to begin API testing early during development. Many issues can be caught long before the interface is completed–which will save you money and prevent larger cracks from forming down the road. Because each API can be unique in complexity and use, we like to create custom test plans for each client.

Our team often participates in API testing through our Embedded resources testing model. If you’d like to learn more about it please reach out to us.


Close view of a desktop monitor. On the screen is a long string of code.

Veteran Testers

API testing often requires skilled testers who are used to working with the product team and the engineers. Over the years, we have built knowledge in API testing across multiple types of projects. Outsourced testing requires a team of QA professionals that you can rely on and trust throughout the project cycle.

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Types of API Testing


Targets API efficiency to determine if the application accesses and stores the correct data in the required manner.


Examines if the API correctly performs an expected task within predefined parameters.


Evaluates the consistency and reliability of the API’s connections.


Examines the API’s validation and encryption methods.


Assesses the threat of an outside attack on the API.


An API stress test that pushes large amounts of data to trigger a crash or unwanted behavior.