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Testing Streaming Apps, Hardware, and Platforms

Streaming is extremely popular these days, as people have become accustomed to accessing entertainment and information instantly. As WiFi and cellular data have become faster and more reliable, so too have streaming platforms, apps, and hardware.  Testing streaming apps, hardware, and platforms can be a different experience from your average app or website testing. It’s […]

Why Testing Apps is Important

We live in a world where smartphones are commonplace. People use multiple mobile applications daily for things like entertainment, social media, e-commerce, and even work-related tasks. Applications are so ingrained into our lives that we expect a high-quality user experience every time. When those expectations aren’t met, we are much more likely to seek out […]

Most Common Bugs on Websites

Websites come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s for e-commerce, business, entertainment, or education one thing remains the same — users expect a consistent and flawless experience. At PLUS QA, our teams have the privilege of testing all kinds of websites on both desktop and mobile devices. It is through this experience that […]

Top Web Browsers in 2022

One key aspect of optimizing a website is considering what desktop browsers are most popular with your users. Although the goal is for your website to work well on all browsers, ensuring that it works on the most popular browsers is vital. Each year, our web habits change. Although web browsing on mobile devices is […]

Development Life Cycle: Is Your App Ready to be Tested?

First impressions are everything, and releasing an application before it’s ready carries a risk of significant consequences. Even worse, fixes and changes made post-release might not be enough to repair relationships with existing customers — regardless of the quality of the app in its most current state — and could affect your app’s long-term success. […]

A Day in the Life of an A11y Tester

Hello Jesus, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hi. I’ll be honest, I’m not great about talking about myself. I am a blind and hard-of-hearing tester here at PLUS QA, and I enjoy what I do. I got my first computer in 2007, and my first mobile device in 2010. What I […]

Key Aspects of FinTech Testing

Over time, fintech has become commonplace in our lives. We can now easily deposit a check into our bank accounts, manage our investments, or apply for credit all from the convenience of a smartphone.  As things like cryptocurrency become more relevant, it’s as important as ever to ensure your fintech applications/websites are optimized for the […]

Top Software Testing Blogs to Follow

Blogs are a great way to stay up-to-date with the software testing industry. The QA community is passionate about the industry; as demonstrated through the amount of independent blogs that are available to read and the kinds of topics they cover. You can never read too much and, in a time when quality assurance testing […]

IWD: Breaking Biases

This year’s theme of International Women’s Day is #BreaktheBias. Working towards a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. Working towards a world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. In the past, we’ve focused on our dedication to diversity and my contributions to PLUS QA. This year I would like to take the opportunity to […]

2022 QA Testing Conferences

In 2022, while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our daily lives, QA testing conferences this year will look similar to events in recent years. While more QA testing conferences are able to (safely) be conducted in person, numerous conferences around the globe are offering a mixture of in-person, online, and VR options this year. […]

Black Leaders in Tech History

It’s Black History Month here in the U.S., so it’s a great time to highlight Black leaders in tech history. The contributions of the people on this list paved the way for the world we know today; especially within the software QA industry and for companies working remotely.  Leaders in the Software Industry Roy L. […]

Top iPhones for iOS App Testing in 2022

Apple is the most popular manufacturer of smartphones in the U.S., but it can be hard to identify which iPhone is the most popular. We’re utilizing our experience testing hundreds of iOS applications and including the most recent statistics so that you can easily identify the top iPhones for iOS app testing; what iOS devices […]

Top Devices for Android App Testing in 2022

Releasing a new Android application is a challenging task when you look at the range of devices, manufacturers, and operating system versions you need to support. Understanding which devices are the most widely used will most likely save you a lot of time and resources while developing and testing your app. Ultimately you want to […]

Dev Blog: Control your iOS device from your browser with a Raspberry Pi (and without Xcode)

Just like everyone else in the world, we at PLUS QA were hit hard by Covid-19. Our speciality is manual testing on real devices and once Covid hit, we suddenly had a whole lot of devices in an office that no one could work at. We quickly developed a system for tracking and checking out […]

“Shifting Left” in Testing

The increasing demand by consumers to receive more products, better functionality, and cutting-edge features has pushed development teams to work harder and more quickly than ever before. In the past, most teams have followed a waterfall methodology; this demand for a faster production cycle and more user features highlights the importance of incorporating testing into […]

The Basics of Behavior-Driven Development

What is BDD? Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), simply put, is a framework for software development that encourages better communication between all team members and stakeholders to achieve more effective results. Since the focus is on the behavior of a product, the entire team can more easily understand, in the simplest terms, what the expected results of […]

Sustainability in Digital Technology

It is no secret that the introduction of the smartphone has fundamentally changed the way that we live our lives. Having near instantaneous access to an endless amount of information, commerce, entertainment, and social connection no matter where we are in the world is an attractive proposition that has driven a significant amount of mobile […]

E-Commerce Guide: Testing Your E-Commerce Ahead of Black Friday & Cyber Monday

E-commerce has never been more relevant or needed for people’s day-to-day lives. As we talked about a few years ago, e-commerce was already booming before the pandemic, and has since become more essential. We’re taking a look at how e-commerce has been impacted during the holidays with statistics from last year. In addition, we have […]

iOS 15 and iPhone 13 Stats

Last year we posted about the iPhone 12 and iOS Statistics, and it’s that time of year again as companies are releasing new phones and technology. This year, we are looking at the iPhone 13 and iOS 15. The iPhone 13 series was launched on September 24th and iOS 15 was released on September 20th. […]

Accessibility in the Video Game Industry

Video games are one of the fastest-growing forms of entertainment in the world, so it’s important for them to be accessible. In the year 2020 alone, the video games market was worth over $90 billion and by the year 2025, is forecasted to be worth nearly $266 billion. (Dobrilova) As it grows, so too does […]

What to Look for in a QA Hire

There is no doubt that the current labor market is an interesting landscape. At the end of June 2021, the Labor Department reported that company hires rose to 6.7 million, and job openings continued to increase to 10.1 million. In this kind of labor market, it’s not only important to find talent, but to also […]

Best Accessibility Features in Android 12 and iOS 14

Our team has taken a look at some of the most recent accessibility features with the latest releases for both Android 12 and iOS 14. Both Google and Apple have added several new features for Accessibility, but we have highlighted a few of the most recognizable features below and added links to Google’s and Apple’s […]

Top 15 Chrome Extensions for QA Testers

Efficiency is vital when it comes to QA Testing. For testing websites and web applications, adding plug-ins like Chrome extensions can speed up the process for manual testers. When testing on a desktop, there are multiple browser options to choose from (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge for example). It can be beneficial to test on […]

Meet Royus, Web and A11Y QA Analyst

Hello Royus, can you give us a little background about yourself? I am originally from Florida, I grew up there and then went to college at Birmingham Alabama as a student athlete pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I graduated in 2017 and stayed for another two years and, at the time, was more focused […]

How to Screen Record on iOS and Android

Accurately capturing any bugs or issues you encounter is crucial when working in QA. Screenshots are always appreciated by developers, but screen recordings can be a more useful tool for certain situations, especially on iOS and Android. Capturing the moment you need on iOS and Android is easy, once you’ve set up your device to […]

Top Desktop Browsers in 2021

Last year we discussed that, while mobile devices were becoming increasingly popular for people to make standard transactions, there is still a place for desktop browsers. In fact, we noted in early 2020, desktop browsers were specifically still being utilized in areas such as travel and e-commerce. Desktop browsers are still popular, so we’ve identified […]

GAAD 2021: Our Guide to Accessibility Testing

Imagine attempting to access a website or application and you are unable to locate desired items, navigate the website or read, see or hear the content. Now, imagine that this is something you encounter almost every day. According to ISE, 98% of webpages are not accessible to the disabled community and in the US alone, […]

10 Software Testing Podcasts For QA Testers

There are many ways to learn more about software and QA testing, from online courses and textbooks to podcasts and YouTube videos. Podcasts have steadily become a popular form of entertainment. They allow listeners to consume topics they are most interested in, in a talk radio format. Some take a more storytelling approach and others […]

PLUS QA: 13 years of experience in testing

13 years ago I left my job to start PLUS QA, with the goal to democratize Quality Assurance testing as a service to digital agencies and startups. The past year has been challenging for us but despite the world pandemic, the social justice events, and the fire we had to endure on the West Coast, […]

A Comprehensive Guide To E-Commerce Testing

E-commerce is more important than ever, and testing e-commerce has never been so vital. In the past couple of years, using e-commerce has become natural for many of us. From large corporations to artisan shops, online shoppers can get anything they want delivered to their doorstep. Meanwhile, when you launch an e-commerce website, you need […]

International Women’s Day 2021

The International Women’s Day’s theme for 2021 is #ChooseToChallenge. On this day we reflect on how we have challenged ourselves at PLUS QA to create a gender equal community. As partner at PLUS QA and an Asian American woman, I realize I am in a position where I can help make an impact. Last week […]

2021 QA Testing Conferences

In 2020 QA testing conferences encountered a major change after COVID-19. While some conferences moved to virtual events, others were canceled entirely. In 2021, these events are following a similar pattern. While some conferences are planning to remain virtual, others are putting their events on pause until they can plan with more stability.  We will […]

Top Devices for Android App Testing in 2021

As 2021 is just beginning, it’s a great time to look at the most popular devices to consider for Android app testing. Every year, you can expect brands like Samsung, Google, LG, Huawei, and Xiaomi to release new Android devices. Android made up just over 70% of the worldwide market share of mobile operating systems, […]

Top Devices for iOS App Testing in 2021

It’s the beginning of the year, which is a great time to identify what iOS devices and operating systems you should support for upcoming iOS app testing.  The iPhone 12 and iOS 14 have been available for a few months so now it’s time to take a look at the statistics and usage; using this […]

Dev Blog: Making our test case management tool accessible

Integrating accessibility is a standard practice in modern software development. Today, most apps and websites are accessible to some extent to screen reader and keyboard-only users. Screen reader technology has advanced immensely over the years and there are hundreds of resources on the web for accessibility education and practices. Making an app or website accessible […]

What We’re Grateful for in 2020

It’s that time of the year again; the leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting colder, and it’s time to give thanks here in the U.S. Although 2020 has been hard, we’re looking on the bright side and have quite a lot to be grateful for.  Our Team’s Flexibility Shifting gears from working together […]

Staying Connected While Working From Home

At PLUS QA, we’ve always preferred to work on-site with open floor plans to facilitate communication and connection. COVID-19 changed that for us; in order to prioritize the safety of our workers and their loved ones, we quickly chose to close the offices and shift to working from home (read more about our transition to […]

iPhone 12 and iOS statistics

As we are approaching the 2020 holiday season, tech companies are announcing new phones. This month Apple is releasing the iPhone 12 and just announced the different models and price of each device. In addition to that Apple recently released iOS 14.So let’s take a look at the most popular iOS devices and also the […]

Meet Abdul, Accessibility Test Lead

It has been a while since we have interviewed one of our team members. During the past couple years our team has continued to grow and we have added some fantastic team members. This week we sat down with Abdul Kamara, expert and Test Lead on our Accessibility testing team. Hello Abdul, can you give […]

How to Prepare for an Interview for a QA Analyst Role

Depending on the company, QA jobs can be a great place to start applying if you are looking to get into the tech industry. With the various types of testing available, QA can utilize different educational backgrounds and work experiences. Testing does not always involve coding and while Computer Science degrees are preferred, they are […]

Dev Blog: Dynamically resize text to fit container using HTML Canvas

As a member of the Plus QA development team, I greatly enjoy working on our test case management tool Test Platform, especially when there is a new feature or design to implement. I always try my best to replicate what is presented in new design documents as closely as possible. Occasionally though, adjustments need to […]

Our Successful Transition to Working From Home

When the CDC announced that COVID-19 was spread through person-to-person contact we wanted to be sure we took all precautions to ensure the safety of our employees, including working from home. In normal times, our daily operations include our employees coming into the office and sitting near their designated teammates. They also periodically exchange devices […]

Getting started with Test Automation

Test automation is one of the most discussed topics in the QA industry. We asked Nick, our Lead Automation engineer, about Test Automation: how to get started, how to choose a programming language, and the best tools and strategy to implement a successful test automation process in your project development cycle. Starting Test Automation from […]

New Feature Breakdown for iOS 14 and Android 11

Understanding the list of devices and operating systems to test is crucial when it comes to mobile app development and Quality Assurance testing. This year, Apple and Google are releasing two new OS versions with new features: Android 11 and iOS 14. We looked at both beta versions side by side to understand the new […]

Best Chrome Extensions for QA Testers

In Quality Assurance testing, efficiency is key. There are many useful tools, like Chrome extensions, to accelerate some of the manual steps testers have to take while testing a web application. For web applications, testing is often done on Google Chrome (the most popular web browser of 2020). Luckily, there are many Chrome extensions that […]

Top desktop browsers stats in 2020

In the last decade the majority of the people around the globe have purchased and used mobile devices in their daily lives. Over the years the mobile experience has been described as taking over and possibly eliminating the web experience. However, this did not happen and the stats show that a large number of users […]

Global Accessibility Awareness Day Q&A

The third Thursday in May is dedicated to Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). This day celebrates digital accessibility efforts, and also sparks conversations about accessibility with designers, developers, and tech leaders all over the world.  In 2015 we created our accessibility team to support our clients who want to launch inclusive products to a global […]

Building Our Resource Management Software

Team managers that work with multiple projects and team members can recognize the value of having a noteworthy time management and project scheduling tool. In 2017, we did just that at PLUS QA. After searching for resource management software that addressed our needs, we developed our own tool–Syncit. Since then, Syncit has continuously been developed […]

Best Test Cases Management Tools

In previous blog posts we have looked at the different test case management tools available for developers and Quality Assurance teams. Depending on the size of your team and the types of projects you are building, it is essential to store your test cases in a reliable application so they can be easily accessed and […]

Tips for Working From Home

Here at PLUS QA, we pride ourselves on providing in-house testing services. There are many benefits to working together, and we normally have over 70 employees working on-site. However, as COVID-19 reached Portland, we realized that we had to prioritize our team’s health and safety. A few weeks ago, we asked our entire team to […]

The Best Accessibility Apps in 2020

Today building an application to be accessible by all types of users is a requirement but it’s often overlooked by product teams or not built correctly. In the past we have shared some tips and knowledge about accessibility testing. This time we sat down with a couple of our accessibility testers who are directly impacted […]

International Women’s Day | Audrey, Partner at PLUS QA

March 8th is globally celebrated as International Women’s Day. This day is used to celebrate achievements of women in all areas of life from business to social platforms and everywhere in between.  Today, all genders can actively participate in International Women’s Day as a way to acknowledge gender parity and the representation of women in […]

Top Devices for Android App Testing in 2020

Each year, Samsung, LG, Google and other brands such as Huawei, introduce new Android phones. These past few years we have seen a faster release with new models of mobile devices and some new major players in the Android market such as Xiaomi and Huawei. As we start the year, we want to share with […]

2019 PLUS QA Highlights

In 2019, our company experienced significant growth and a lot of changes. We hired 17 new employees and expanded to a second building in order to accommodate this growth. There have been a lot of highlights for PLUS QA this last year. Meanwhile, our growth has not only been internal; we have also continued to […]

Top Devices for iOS App Testing in 2020

Since the year just started, it’s a great time to look at what iOS devices and OS versions you should plan to support for app testing throughout the first few months of 2020. Apple recently released some mobile statistics for iOS 13 and iPadOS. Now that we are a few months out we can look […]

2020 QA Testing Conferences

Every year, the number of Quality Assurance testing conferences grows as the amount of tech companies rises and 2020 will certainly be no exception. In this post, we will share a comprehensive list of the quality assurance conferences you can expect to find around the US and Europe this year. With the goal of helping […]

iOS device stats and iPhone 11 update

Apple just held their 2019 iPhone announcement on Tuesday, September 10. In addition to unveiling the new iPhone 11, the event featured additional new devices, updates on future services, and the announcement of the official iOS 13 release. Today on the blog, we will share the most recent iOS statistics from Apple and a list of exciting updates […]

Blockchain Tech and Crypto App Testing

A couple of years ago, blockchain technology saw an increase in mainstream attention due to the media buzz around cryptocurrencies, which is one application of blockchain technology. Within a few months, millions of people around the globe had purchased “crypto” by way of mobile apps and websites. The first and most popular of those cryptocurrencies, […]

iOS Statistics and Apple WWDC 2019 Updates

If you follow our blog you probably saw our recent post about the latest Monthly Statistics and news from Google I/O. This week we are sharing the most recent iOS statistics from Apple from May 2019 and a list of exciting updates from Apple WWDC 2019. With a new iOS version 13 and many new […]

PLUS QA 2019 Lab Expansion

It was only a year ago that we were celebrating the 10-year anniversary of PLUS QA, but in the days since we’ve experienced significant growth. In the two years since we moved into our current office, we have outgrown our space yet again. But this time, instead of moving into a larger space, we’ve expanded […]

May 2019 Android Statistics and News Updates from Google I/O

This month’s biggest news came from Google I/O 2019. Google recently released their latest Android OS statistics but also released the beta for Android Q. In case you missed it, we have  summarized the latest updates and announcements from I/O 2019 and we will overview the Google phone releases from this week! Let’s start with […]

Tools to Test Your App for Accessibility

“The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone, regardless of disability, is an essential aspect.” – Tim Berners-Lee The World Wide Web celebrated its 30th birthday earlier this month, and Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the Web, wrote about the importance of maintaining an open web while also working towards making […]

The Best QA Testing Conferences in 2019

In recent years the number of tech conferences have increased significantly and so have conferences related to the Quality Assurance testing industry. As the QA field continues to grow it can be overwhelming to navigate the best conferences to choose from around the world. So for the second half of 2019 we’ve made a selection […]

Celebrating the Women of PLUS QA on International Women’s Day

Tomorrow, March 8, is International Women’s Day, an annual celebration of women — appropriately acknowledged during Women’s History Month — and their contribution to society. The earliest observance was February 28, 1909 in New York City, and now, every March 8 women are recognized around the world not only for their invaluable contributions, but also […]

The 15 Best Chrome Extensions for Developers

Developers know a thing or two about the significance of a great user experience — but what about your experience working as a developer? That’s where Chrome extensions come in. Chrome extensions are small software programs connected to the Google Chrome browser that enable users to tailor their web browsing experience so that it aligns […]

December 2018 iOS Distribution Numbers Show Steady Growth for iOS 12

Update: On February 25, 2019, Apple released updated distribution numbers, sharing that iOS 12 is now running on 80% of all Apple devices, and 83% of all devices introduced in the last four years. That means that the latest OS version from Apple is now running on four out of every five devices. The five […]

2018: A Year-in-Review at PLUS QA

Earlier this month, I spent a couple of days with our Executive Team in Government Camp, Oregon. We hiked, we played games, and most importantly, we used that time as an opportunity to discuss what we accomplished in the last year and what we have planned for 2019 at PLUS QA. This yearly review is […]

The Top Devices for Android App Testing in 2019

Earlier this month, we shared the top iOS devices to test on in 2019, and this week we’re following up with the top devices on our radar for Android app testing in the new year. While Apple’s smartphone has been in the news a lot as of late, Android remains the most popular mobile operating […]

The Top Devices for iOS App Testing in 2019

At PLUS QA, we’ve always got devices on the brain, but especially so as we head into the new year. We’ve been tracking user adoption rates for various iOS devices to help our clients determine the best iOS devices to test on in 2019. iPhone Sales Up 29 Percent in 2018 Since its initial release […]

17 Usability Testing Tools

Optimizing your user experience is key to your website or mobile application. There are a large variety of tools out there to help you do that. That’s why we have created a list of the top 17 Usability Testing Tools which will help you improve the user experience of your product. What is Usability Testing? […]

iOS 12 Reaches 72% User Adoption Following iPhone XR Release

Earlier this week, Apple shared the most recent statistics on their mobile OS adoption in November. The numbers followed the same general trend since the release of iOS 12 in mid-September, which is to say that iOS 12 keeps going up while earlier versions continue to drop. iOS 12 is now in use on 70% […]

5 Reasons We’re Grateful to Work at PLUS QA

Work is usually the last thing people think of when they think of Thanksgiving. For many people in the United States, it’s actually a day away from the usual grind of the 9-to-5. For that reason, it makes sense that most of us don’t think of work first when we think about what we’re grateful […]

October 2018 OS Statistics Show Staying Power for Android Oreo and iOS 12

While we were away at Web Summit, Google and Apple  released the latest user statistics for their respective operating systems. The most surprising update of all? There’s not much of an update — at least not for Android Pie. The absence of Android’s latest OS version aside, the statistics for both operating systems highlight some […]

PLUS QA’s Software, BetaCrash, Selected as ALPHA Startup at Web Summit 2018

This time next week, we’ll be at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal! Web Summit is the largest tech conference in Europe — and “the best technology conference on the planet”, according to Forbes. With over 800 speakers and 24 different tracks, Web Summit is known for being on the forefront of technology and attracts a […]

How to Prepare Your eCommerce App Ahead of the Holidays

With Halloween less than a week away and Thanksgiving not far behind, we’ve only got one thing on the brain: eCommerce testing. Sure, it may not seem as fun as trick-or-treating or turkey feasts, but it’s just as important — especially if you’re an online retailer. Because just on the heels of Thanksgiving comes Black […]

September 2018 iOS Statistics Show Surge in User Adoption for iOS 12

Last week, Apple released their latest iOS statistics — this time featuring an impressive debut from the newly-released iOS 12. Just one week after Google released their September Android usage statistics, Apple revealed that half of all iOS users had adopted iOS 12. Comparatively, Android’s latest Oreo OS is only in use on 19.2% of […]

Top 5 Device Farms for Building Better Apps

Imagine this: You’re a developer, and you just finished your mobile app. You’ve spent many days and (long) nights picking an idea, defining the functionalities, planning it, designing it, wire-framing it, coding it. Now you’re ready to ship it . . . right? Not so fast. Long before your app is ready to go out […]

September 2018 Android Usage Statistics Show Oreo is Still On the Rise

After a brief hiatus earlier this summer, Google has been quick to share their operating system numbers recently. And September’s statistics were no exception: Google shared their latest updates on Android OS usage before month’s end last week. Oreo is Still on the Rise In August, Google’s statistics highlighted an uptick in adoption for Oreo […]

The Key Personality Traits of First-Rate QA Testers

Whether you’re an app developer, a product manager, or even a startup founder, you know that testing is an important step in the development of a successful final product. As such, the people who test for you — a professional team, a group of beta testers, or even taking a fine eye to your own […]

5 Mobile Testing Methods That are Essential to the Success of Your App

So, you’ve built an app. You have a great idea. You’ve written some code. You want a lot of users. And you know you need to make sure everything’s (close-to) perfect before you launch. That’s where testing comes in. But where do you start? There are almost as many mobile testing methods as there are […]

How to Test App Location Services for Any Place from Anywhere

Sitting at your desk on the last day before vacation. Waiting for your appointment to start at the dentist’s office. Sitting in rush hour traffic on the drive home. These are just a few instances where you might pretend to be somewhere — anywhere — else. But this sort of “make-believe” isn’t always relegated to […]

August 2018 Mobile Usage Statistics for iOS and Android

Both Apple and Android released updated mobile usage statistics in recent days, and we’ve compiled everything you need to know. iOS Summer 2018 Statistics We’re just a little under a week away from Apple’s September 12th “Gather Round” event, and earlier this week, they finally shared updated iOS adoption statistics for the first time since […]

Everything You Need to Create an Effective Test Case

One of the most essential components in the practice of QA testing is the test case. Test cases outline the specific set of steps manual testers take to test the quality of Web and mobile apps, connected objects, software, and more. They’re the road maps, essentially, of all the different ways users might interact with […]

Crowdtesting: The Good, the Bad, and the (Better) Alternative

If you work in the world of app or software development — as a developer, a project manager, a tester, or in some other role altogether — you’ve likely heard of “crowdtesting”. Crowdtesting, or “crowdsourced testing” as it’s also known, is the practice of having a large group of people (preferably a group representative of […]

Why Testing Travel Apps is So Important — and Where to Start

Even as the summer days come to end, we’ve still got travel on the brain. And we’re not the only ones, it seems. A 2018 report from Deloitte says that, “Travel and tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors, with bookings hitting close to $1.6 trillion in 2017.” According to the report, Americans spend […]

Scenes from PLUS QA’s Summer 2018 White Water Rafting Trip

We like to celebrate summer here at PLUS QA. (It might be a Portland thing — we all come alive in the summer sunshine!) And this year, we celebrated on the river . . . . . . the White Salmon River in Washington, to be exact! At the end of last month, we joined […]

5 Testing Practices to Ensure the Quality of Your App

It should come as no surprise that we are hyper-focused on quality around here. And ensuring the quality of our clients’ apps day in and day out means ensuring the quality of our process, too. Over the years, we have reflected on and refined the best testing practices that enable us to support the efficient […]

July 2018 Android OS Statistics Show Uptick for Oreo

It’s been a minute since Android released their operating system statistics, but developers (and Android enthusiasts) finally got an update earlier this week. Oreo More Than Doubles Its Users Just one year shy of Oreo 8.0’s initial release, the OS finally appears to be gaining traction with users. Over the last two months in particular, […]

How to Test Your App for Usability

As an app developer, you probably already know this unfair truth: Even after months (or years!) of creativity, coding, and hard work to create your app, it’s hard enough to get new users, let alone keep them. That’s where usability testing comes in. What is Usability Testing? Usability testing makes sure that your app is […]

Testing Fintech: 5 Strategic Methods to Test for Quality

There are few things people tend to be more protective of or invested in than their money. And since the advent of smartphones, financial technology (otherwise known as “fintech”) has become ubiquitous thanks to this ever-present focus on finances: There are apps for banking, apps for investing, apps for mobile payments and real estate, too. […]

How to Market Your App: 5 Digital Marketing Lessons from Digital Summit Portland 2018

If you’ve ever wondered how to market your app, you’re not alone. After all, there’s a lot of time, energy, and ingenuity that goes into creating a great application. And the app market is a crowded space—both on mobile and on the Web; the initial success of any app hinges not so much on how […]

The Importance of QA Testing Healthcare Technology

QA testing is always important. No matter your app or your industry, quality assurance practices are imperative to gaining and maintaining the trust and interest of users. But with healthcare technology, testing takes on elevated importance. Consider the size of the healthcare market in the United States alone: The industry is larger than Britain’s entire […]

May 2018 Statistics on iOS 11 + Updates on iOS 12

iOS 12 Updates from WWDC Not surprisingly, Apple’s iOS 12 was the talk of Tim Cook’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote earlier this week. Cook said the new operating system would focus on better performance and fewer bugs across all devices—new and old—vastly improving the load times of the software. In addition, iOS 12 ushered […]

Characteristics of a High Quality QA Testing Company

Back in 2008, when Manu first started PLUS QA, high quality QA testing wasn’t really on the radar of app developers. (To be fair, back in 2008, mobile apps were only recently on the radar of . . . well, everyone). Though the QA testing industry has seen exponential growth as developers, agencies, startups, and […]

Behind the Scenes of PLUS QA + Our 10th Anniversary Party

PLUS QA is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year—and what better way to celebrate than to throw a party? Last Thursday, the entire PLUS QA team came together to commemorate the growth of this company, observe the size and diversity of our team, and have a lot of fun together! Today, we’re taking you behind […]

Why Accessibility Testing Can No Longer Be Ignored

What is accessibility testing? And is it really necessary? Today is the 7th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day—a “holiday” borne of a single tweet from Joe Devon back in 2011. And while we’ve talked about the importance of accessibility for all before, today we’re going to talk more in depth about the importance of an accessible […]

April 2018 Android OS Statistics

Finally, Nougat usage bypasses Marshmallow In a January post, we noted that only 1.1% of Android users had upgraded their phones to Oreo, Android’s latest operating system. Since then, we’ve seen a slight boost to 4.6%. Nougat is also seeing a slight rise in users, from 28.5% to to 30.8%. However, that small increase allowed […]

PLUS QA’s 10 year anniversary

10 years ago, right before the recession hit, I left my full-time job to start my own Software Testing company. With $10k in savings, my basement as my office space and one potential client, I grew an idea into what is today a 50+ person team with 3 locations in the US and some of […]

5 tips for developing a mobile app efficiently

Building a mobile application has the potential of reaching thousands – if not millions – of people across the world. Every year the number of apps available on the market increases and so does the number of users on various devices.  So before you dive into developing an app it’s important to look at the […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

What better time than International Women’s Day to acknowledge the women who contribute to the success of PLUS QA every day. We are proud of our diverse team. Half of our management positions are held by talented women. From QA Analysts to Project Managers to Operations Manager, we all work together to build an organization […]

Testing on real devices vs emulators and simulators

Each time you develop a new mobile application it is important to verify it displays and works as designed on various types of devices and screen resolutions. Developing a mobile application for iOS and Android requires you to run your tests across multiple devices and OS configurations. Testing an app involves multiple challenges. The most […]

January 2018 Android and iOS Statistics

A slow start for Android Oreo 8.1 Last October, Google released the developer version of Android Oreo and the OS was officially released on December 6, 2017. As shown in the graph below, the usage rate is still low and only 1.1% of Android users have upgraded their device to Oreo. This creates the user […]

The Challenges of IoT Testing

Connected objects are part of our everyday life. We use them in our pocket, in our car, on public transportation, in our home, and at work. The market of IoT is growing extremely fast every year and is forecasted to reach $772.5 billion in 2018, an increase of 15% compared to 2017. Large technology companies […]

Top Devices for Android Testing in 2018

Scoping the list of devices to support when developing an Android app is a critical step of the design, development and testing process. As the world’s most popular mobile operating system with over 19 million downloads in Q4 2017 alone, supporting an Android app can go in many different directions. Over the years, Android has […]

Top devices for iOS testing in 2018

Just over 10 years ago Apple announced the iPhone. Since then, Apple has sold more than one billion iPhones worldwide. A few months ago, Apple introduced its newest iPhones: the 8, 8+ and X. The number of iPhones in use has been increasing over the years, so when developing and testing an iPhone app, it’s […]

4 Principles of a Successful QA Project

There are a lot of variables to make any web, mobile or software project successful. From product strategy to market research, development to ongoing support, a company must make sure all phases of the product life cycle are covered. While QA may not have as much buzz as some of the other steps in the […]

How to choose the best bug tracking tool in 2018

Choosing the right tool for your organization When it comes to selecting a bug tracking tool for your project team, it’s important to understand the differences between each them to see which one best fits your needs. Some bug tracking tools are used during development cycles to manage tasks and features, while other ones offer […]

December Android and iOS Statistics

Android: what are the most widespread operating systems? The monthly stats on Android usage always give interesting data for developers. When testing an Android app, it’s good to know which operating system is the most popular and assure that the app is functioning well on it. According to the latest statistics released by Android, KitKat, […]

2017 Year in Review

Off to an icy start 2017 has been full of growth, challenges and changes for us at PLUS QA. The new year started off with a snow storm in Portland and that made things more challenging than we would have imagined. The fact that we primarily test on a large range of devices in our […]

Android and iOS Statistics: The Year in Review

All year long,  PLUS QA has collected  data each month on throughout the Android and iOS usage statistics. Now, with 2018 right around the corner, it’s time to look at the big picture and see what has changed over the year for Android and Apple.   All year long,  PLUS QA has collected  data each […]

SyncIt: Building the Best Scheduler Tool for our QA Team

Managing a team is a challenge. Especially when you have a variety of projects assigned to a diverse team. Thankfully, a variety of tools exist to help project managers stay organized and do a great job. Over the years, PLUS QA has experimented with several time management and project scheduling tools. Unfortunately, we haven’t been […]

Setting up a VR/AR Test Lab

One of the most recent changes at the PLUS QA office is the creation of our VR Lab. We have built a dedicated space to test out VR and AR applications. We talked about testing on VR devices in a previous post, and now we’re excited to discuss some more steps we’ve taken to replicate […]

September Android Statistics and New Releases

Google recently announced the release of the Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2. While the first Pixels were already loved by users, we’re expecting that the new ones will also see big success. Photo credit: In addition to the announcement of the new phones, Google also announced that a new developer version of […]

E-commerce Testing: Gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Every year around the holidays online transactions break new records. In 2016, Black Friday online sales hit $3.34 Billion including $1.2 Billion spent via Mobile devices. Although the focus is usually on Black Friday, Cyber Monday gains an increasing part of the online purchases over the years. Last year, Cyber Monday broke a new U.S. […]

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality: Finding The Best Testing Partner

2017 is the year of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Google and HTC have introduced new VR headsets or dropped the price of their existing models. The universe of mixed reality is becoming more open to the public, and soon it will become more common for people and businesses to own VR or AR devices; to watch movies, play video games, or […]

The Benefits of an On-Site QA Team

At PLUS QA, we are very proud to have a local team that works on-site. At our Test Lab in Portland, OR we have a team of 50 experienced testers who test Web and Mobile apps all year around. But how exactly does working on-site benefit us and our clients? Let’s take a look at why being local makes all the difference.   PROJECT […]

August Android and iOS Stats

It’s always interesting for us to watch the data on Android and Apple operating system usage over time. With each new OS version comes a need to test on it, and the data that Android and Apple release each month help us to know where we should focus our time and resources. While most Apple […]

July Android and iOS Statistics

Nowadays, productivity is one of the most important things in life. Everyone is always looking for new tools to make them more efficient, either in their professional or personal life. Every day, our smartphones have new apps, new tools or new solutions to help us in that aspect. To evolve with their customers’ needs and […]

Top 10 Best iOS Crash Reporting Tools

There are many different tools available to distribute apps and for collecting mobile app bugs and crash reports with various pricing schemes features. We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular tools out there and summarized what each one has to offer. BetaCrash Product description: We are very happy to showcase our favorite […]

May 2017 Android/iOS stats and new releases

The last Google I/O conference showcased the new Android O. The operating system is still in development but you can already download the Developer Preview 3 version. We knew about the second developer version during I/O 2017 but since June 5, Google has released a third version. The rumors say that Android O should be […]

PLUS QA new Test Lab

We were in our previous office space for 5 and a half years. During that time we saw our company grow from 12 to almost 50 employees. While we really enjoyed our old office space, our team was scattered across 3 separate spaces. This posed a challenge for communication and collaboration between the different teams. […]

Apple announcements at WWDC and what it means for testers.

WWDC, the annual Apple international conference for developers, started on June 5th. Apple announced a lot of exciting news about new products, software and upcoming technologies they’ve been developing. This post goes through some of those announcements and what it means for people in our industry who work on mobile applications, especially for testers and […]

April 2017 Android Stats & Google I/O Conference News!

Which OS versions gained/lost users? In comparison to last month, several OS gained new users: Gingerbread (+0.1%), Lollipop 5.1 (0.3%), Nougat 7.0 (2.1%) and Nougat 7.1 (0.4%). While the evolution is overall slow for the major Android versions, Nougat 7.0 gained a considerable number of users. The following OS saw a drop in users: JCS […]

Android users are turning to the Nougat platform version

Since Nexus devices are now running Nougat 7.1.1, it is interesting to reanalyze the stats. Back in January, the number of users on Froyo OS was non-existent while Marshmallow was gaining new users. It was also the first time that Nougat appeared in the official Android statistics. The fact that Nougat wasn’t available on all […]

Meet Manu, Founder of Plus QA and BetaCrash

Where are you from, what is your background? I am originally from a small town in Southern France. After high school I moved to Montpellier where I studied and lived for a few years. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Multimedia and Communication from Montpellier University III. Then I moved to Portland with my […]

Discover our new device library!

  In 2016, we wrote the first blog post about our device room. Back then, we needed a secure room to store and charge our mobile devices that also allowed us to quickly access them. Since then, our team has nearly doubled and we’ve moved into a new office space! This was a great opportunity […]

BetaCrash: how to ship your iOS and Android apps effectively

Shipping iOS and Android builds This week we launched our new mobile application platform called BetaCrash, previously known as Riviera Build. We have redesigned and improved the user interface and the functionality of the platform. This allows engineers to quickly distribute their iOS and Android builds throughout development process. A simple link is all testers […]

2017 Best Test Case Management Tools

Depending on the size and the nature of the projects you test, your team might involve 1, 2, or more testers. Although many teams use Excel spreadsheets to track and to manage test cases, over the years a lot of tools have appeared in the QA landscape. Getting to know each one of them is […]

Android and iOS January 2017 Statistics

Time to analyze! As we do every month, let’s focus on Android and iOS statistics. Marshmallow is still gaining users! While all previous versions are in decline, Marshmallow, Nougat 7.0 and 7.1 are rising. Numbers follow the same logic every month. People choose the latest Android operating system to get the best performance and features […]

2017 Top 17 Google Chrome Extensions for QA Testers

Last year, we received a lot of positive feedback about our 15 best Google Extensions for a QA Tester blog post. For this year, we thought we’d update our list of favorites and share our top 17 Google Chrome extensions with you.  #1 FIREBUG LITE Firebug Lite is not a substitute for Firebug, or Chrome […]

The Role of Testing in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

While the majority of the hundreds of applications we’ve tested have been desktop and mobile apps, we’ve started working increasingly more with VR/AR as new devices and compatible apps are released. In this post, we’ll cover three different projects we had the opportunity to test, as well as a few challenges specific to VR/AR projects […]

We’ve Tested On The New Google Pixel Devices

After testing on the new Pixel and Pixel XL phones, we have a lot of things to share with you! A few weeks ago, we posted about what is new with Android and we quickly showcased the Pixel and Pixel XL. Since it’s important to us to have the latest devices to test for compatibility […]

Android and iOS November Stats

The month of December has just begun, so let’s take a look back at Android and iOS November statistics. While Lollipop and Marshmallow usage rose in October, it looks like they lost some users in November. Indeed, Lollipop 5.0 used to have 11.3% of users while it now has 10.8%. However, the last version of […]

Black Friday / Cyber Monday: mobile orders are rising!

Just like every year, many people shopped online this Black Friday. Black Friday generally brings in a lot of revenue and is a good opportunity to gain customers and promote your business. Black Friday is a worldwide event, so the same scenario happens every year: a peak of activity and an increase in sales. Adobe […]

Employee Feature: Meet Anya – From Russia to Portland

Anya has been a QA Analyst at Plus QA for the past 3 years. She enjoys traveling and discovering new places…   Where are you from? How did you make your way to Portland? I’m originally from Moscow, Russia. I also spent a few years living in the Netherlands and Israel before winning the Green […]

Daydream – Ready to experience VR directly from your phone?

Imagine being able to travel anywhere, visiting any destination in the world, all without ever having to leave your couch thanks to the magic of virtual reality. VR is now, more than ever, accessible to everyone, especially with the newly launched Google headset, Daydream. (Now available for only $79 in the Google Store). The headset […]

Android and iOS October Stats

Every month, Android and Apple post their statistics about the percentage of devices running their OS. We summarize and share the monthly data with you, so let’s get started on October’s stats! Android Last month, we saw that Lollipop 5.1 and Marshmallow 6.0 gained users. This trend is still confirmed in November. Indeed, Lollipop 5.1 […]

Discover Imzy: the new app that brings communities together!

Imzy is a fresh new social platform that’s growing more each day! Imzy’s goal is to bring all kinds of diverse users and healthy communities together in one app.   Let’s try it together! Imzy is available for free on the App Store and on Google Play. When you begin your Imzy experience, you will […]

What’s New With Android?

Plus QA tests on more than 100 Android devices so naturally we want to talk about the new Android OS: Android 7.0 Nougat. This latest version has been out for a while now, but depending on your mobile device you might not have checked it out yet. Meanwhile, we want to share a sweet taste […]

What do we think about the new iPhone 7?

As you know if you follow us on social media, we received some iPhone 7 and one iPhone 7+. It’s very important to us be able to test on the latest mobile devices as soon as they come out. Morning delivery! #iphone7 #mobileapps #testing #plusqa A photo posted by PLUSQA LAB (@plusqa) on Sep 20, […]

Employee Feature – Marvin Nikijuluw

Marvin Nikijuluw is a QA Analyst at Plus QA and an avid explorer, photographing his way through some of the Pacific Northwest’s most beautiful areas. Take a look at some of his stunning adventures on his Instagram, then keep reading to get to know him.   Where are you from? How did you make your […]

Android & iOS Stats – September 2016

Android usage statistics for the week ending Sept. 5th continued to follow trends observed in previous months, with a few dramatic changes. Usage of older OS, especially Jellybean 4.1.x and 4.2.x, steadily declined, while Lollipop 5.1 and Marshmallow 6.0 gained users at the highest rate yet. Adoption rate for Lollipop 5.1 will most likely continue to slow […]

Mortal Kombat Tournament

Last Thursday night at the Plus QA office included some of Portland’s finest pizza and multiple fights to the death – employees relaxed after work with a few rounds of Mortal Kombat and the original 1995 film in all its glory. In what was a very close last round, Ardalan edged out Marvin for the […]

Determining Optimal Test Coverage

With thousands of combinations of devices and operating systems to choose from, consumers have never had more freedom to choose a mobile device best suited to them than they do today. OpenSignal, a mobile connection monitor app, collected data from 682,000 Android devices that downloaded their app in 2015 and found 24,076 distinct device types: With […]

Android & iOS Stats – August 2016

Android and iOS stats are always changing. Android usage statistics for the week ending August 1st continued to follow trends observed in previous months. Usage of older OS steadily declined while Lollipop 5.1 and Marshmallow 6.0 gained users. Lollipop 5.1 continues to gain users, but the rate of adoption is slowing. After gaining 0.8% of […]

Pizza in the Park

The last few months of summer have passed in a whirlwind of growth for Plus QA. Since our last barbecue in June, we’ve welcomed about eight more employees. We’re now a team of about 45, and to give our new testers a warm welcome, we met last week at Laurelhurst Park for an employee potluck. Plus QA brought the pizza, and […]

Plus QA’s Summer Interns

We’re very happy to have the opportunity to host two interns at Plus QA this summer! Two of Portland’s finest, Kesiah and Glenn, chose to work with us during their summer break from school. Kesiah is in the BFA Experimental Animation program at CalArts, where she’ll start her second year in the fall. She was born in France and […]

A Universal Web: Testing for Accessibility

In conversations about technology and what it can do for its users, the focus generally centers around efficiency: how can it help us save as much time and money as possible? But for 19% of the American population that live with disabilities, tech is a way to navigate the challenges of everyday life. People who have difficulty […]

Android Stats – June 2016

Android usage statistics for the week ending June 6th continued to follow trends observed in previous months. Usage of older OS steadily declined while Lollipop 5.1 and Marshmallow, the newest OS, gained users. Adoption of Lollipop 5.1 has increased slowly in comparison to Marshmallow, which saw a 2.6% increase in usage from last month, bringing the OS to 10% overall […]

Growing our QA testing team

In our relentless pursuit to keep our clients’ websites and apps bug free, we’ve added 10 new staff members to our team in the past few weeks. Most of these are QA analysts. If you have not seen the recent article in Portland Business Journal it’s available online:  PDX Biz Journal. Over the years we have […]

Android Stats – May 2016

Android usage statistics for the week ending May 2nd continue to follow trends observed in previous months. Usage of older OS steadily declined as only Marshmallow, the newest OS, gained users. While Lollipop did not gain users as it has in the past, Marshmallow saw a 2.9% increase in usage from last month, bringing the OS close to 8% […]

Plus QA’s 8th Anniversary

Plus QA is excited and grateful to be celebrating our eighth anniversary this month! Without the support and dedication of our excellent team, Plus QA could not have grown into the successful business it is today. The last year has been a time of rapid growth for our company (we grew from 21 to 35 employees), but our continued development […]

Best Tools for Project Managers

As companies grow, systems originally created to manage small teams and projects become increasingly ineffective and struggle to scale. While some agencies can make do without project management tools, most will benefit from taking advantage of some of the many options available to project managers and producers. No single platform will suit all digital agencies, […]

Android Stats – March 2016

Android usage statistics for the week ending March 7th continue to follow trends observed in previous months. Usage of older OS steadily declines as Lollipop and Marshmallow, the newer OS, gain users. In March’s updated usage statistics, only Lollipop 5.1 and Marshmallow 6.0 gained users, while Lollipop 5.0 and all other OS lost users. Lollipop 5.1 gained the […]

15 Best Google Chrome Extensions for QA Testers

While testing, efficiency is everything. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with numerous Chrome extensions. We’ve compiled a list of the plugins that we find make testing more efficient and accurate.     LINK CHECKER ‘Check My Links’ quickly finds all the links on a web page and checks each one […]

PLUS QA’s Mobile Device Lab

When we moved in our new space two years ago, we built a room to store all of our mobile devices. Over time we ran into a few challenges: – How do we track who is using a specific device at a specific time? – How do we store devices in a secure way, that […]

Mobile OS Stats – February 2016

Android usage statistics for the week, ending February 1st, show a continued decline in the use of older OS as users upgrade and purchase newer devices. Lollipop and Marshmallow continued to gain users. In a trend similar to last month’s data, Lollipop 5.1 gained the most users, but on at a 1.4% increase, bringing Lollipop almost equal […]

Mobile OS and Device Stats – January 2016

Android usage statistics for the week ending January 4th show a continued decline in use of older OS as users upgrade. The only OS to gain users were Lollipop and Marshmallow. Lollipop 5.1 gained the most users at a 5.6% increase, bringing Lollipop equal to KitKat in overall usage at around 36%. Marshmallow will certainly continuing […]

Test Case Management: Spreadsheets Vs. TestLodge

Test case management tools are a very important part of testing for any software or related testing fields. While there are many options available such as Test Track, Test Rail and HP Quality center, sometimes simple is better, but the urge to improve your project urges you to find something more robust. This article serves […]

The end of life for IE 8, 9 and 10

On January 12th, 2016 IE 8, 9 and 10 are reaching the end of their life. This means that Microsoft will not longer support those browsers versions after this date and those 3 IE versions won’t be eligible to receive any updates after that. IE 11 is the last version of Internet Explorer and will continue […]

Riviera Build: the new Mobile Apps distribution tool

Choosing the right mobile apps distribution tool Of all the tools we use for app testing on a day to day basis, mobile build distribution can be time consuming and difficult. We have used a variety of different tools, TestFlight and Hockey App being a couple of the more popular. This year, TestFlight has become […]

PLUS QA 2014: A Year in Review

2014 has been a great year for us at PLUS QA. We gained more clients, we have grown our testing team from 16 to 20 people, we have been able create a wonderful new testing environment in our new space and we even got a new logo and website. Some of our biggest highlights from […]