Trusted by Fintech Companies

In 2021 and 2022, global investments in financial technologies topped $222 billion. Investors are eager to get in early on this booming industry but will only invest in reliable opportunities. If you plan to launch a product in the digital finance industry, you need a partner with experience testing Fintech apps. PLUS QA has helped hundreds of prominent companies develop, launch, and maintain successful fintech products that have earned billions in profits.



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Commitment to Confidentiality

PLUS QA manages quality assurance projects for some of the world’s most popular brands. Our work includes access to data that our partners do not want to be shared—sometimes even within the company. We handle projects for several brands within the Nike ecosystem that remain confidential. Our employees go through significant background checks. Before starting a project, they sign strict non-disclosure agreements. After each day of testing, employees clear all locally stored data from devices and workstations. Our process is thorough and considerate of our clients’ confidentiality needs.

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Confident Users

Fintech companies need confident users who believe in the product. One way to build trust is to ensure functionality. Our functionality testing process begins with analyzing your product’s functional requirements and features. We develop custom test cases that will find flaws, helping ensure your users feel confident accessing your services.

Tester holding mobile device running a fintech application. They are trading Amazon stock.

Ease of Usage

Usability problems can impact your user experience. If users run into enough roadblocks, they might stop using your app or website. Our diverse staff of more than 90 people will run goal-based scenarios that can anticipate issues that you can fix before users find them. Testing for Fintech apps can be completed on web pages, functional prototypes, wireframes, and other versions of your product.

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Fintech for All

Fintech is playing a critical role in making financial services inclusive. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates 1.7 billion adults do not have access to financial services. Fintech can help close that gap by offering people with disabilities new ways to access financial services, such as voice-assisted banking software for the visually impaired and custom-designed tools for people with cognitive impairments.

Aside from ethical reasons, there is a financial benefit to consider. People with disabilities have access to a trillion dollars in disposable income. At PLUS QA, we are committed to making our content 100% accessible. Ask us how we can help you make your product accessible to all your potential users.