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A team of experts in Accessibility Testing to help you make your mobile and web apps more inclusive and provide a great experience to every type of user.

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Making sure your applications are accessible by all, everywhere

Since 2015, we have been providing expert accessibility testing services to our customers and have ensured their applications are accessible to all potential users.

In the United States, 20% of the population has a disability. This statistic broken down means: 20 million individuals have a physical disability, more than 15 million individuals have a cognitive disability, and more than 15 million have a visual or hearing disability.

Our goal with mobile and web accessibility testing is to provide feedback so you can improve your product and ensure users of varying abilities can easily access and navigate your product. Having an accessible product allows all users to use your application, create a user account, browse and purchase products, and build loyalty to your brand.

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Defining The Best Test Approach

In order to understand the nature of your product and how it needs to be tested, we start our test approach by performing an audit of your application. From there, our specialized accessibility team will create the specific accessibility testing scenarios that need to be executed.

Our next step is test execution and providing feedback for our client’s review. Our detailed reports are easy to understand and allow our clients to quickly address accessibility fixes to their apps.

Once the changes are implemented, we always validate each of the issues and give our final sign off on the product.

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An Experienced Team At Your Service

With a team of 16 Accessibility Testers, we have partnered with the Oregon Commission for the Blind to hire testers with disabilities so we can test software from the perspective of people who are in the most need of these issues to be addressed.

In addition to the benefits of hiring screenreader experts, we are excited to give those with disabilities a platform where their voices can be heard in the realm of digital accessibility.

In order to make sure we provide the highest level of accessibility testing, we follow the industry standard of WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 Guidelines. We also apply conformance levels A and AA.

All of our accessibility testing services are executed by real testers, in-house, on real physical devices. Our combination of experienced testers in Accessibility makes our team unique and allows us to provide the highest level of quality to your product.

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