Accessibility Testing Services

Since 2015, we have helped hundreds of companies make their apps and websites accessible to all end users. We do this using testers who have disabilities and by developing new resources, new training systems, and new testing procedures to support their work. Find out how we can help you make sure your application or website is 100% accessible.

Hands holding an iPhone and enabling dictation on the screen, for accessibility testing
A group of testers gathered around one tester who working at a table on their Macbook device.

A Team of Accessibility Experts

Our accessibility testing team includes more than 20 accessibility testing experts. They help make sure our clients websites and mobile applications work for millions of users with disabilities and meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards. WCAG audits help us confirm media and files are accessible, the interface and design are navigable, and the keyboard-only option is 100% accurate.


Close up view of a computer desk. In view is a 3x3 Rubiks cube that is painted black with white O and X symbols painted on each of the cube faces. There is also a sticky note pad with a pen.

Real Testers, Real Devices

All our accessibility testing services are executed in-house by real testers on real, physical devices. This allows us to guarantee maximum accuracy and reproducibility of issues across a variety of devices and operating system versions.

Our Accessibility Team is composed of highly skilled testers – including several testers who have visual and/or hearing impairments. Get in touch today and meet our A11y team.

Working with testers who experience accessibility in their daily lives allows us to prioritize accessibility issues that have a real impact on usability. We are able to test software from the perspective of people who need these issues to be addressed.

In addition to the obvious benefits of hiring screen reader experts, we are excited to give those with disabilities a platform where their voice can be heard in the realm of digital accessibility.

“We are on a mission to make all of the websites and apps we test accessible to everyone.”


Discover our All-Encompassing Accessibility Testing Process

Review Project Scope

We analyze the content on your website or app to determine what pages and features need to be audited.

Provide Estimate for A11y Audit

Our estimate will include the base A11y audit fee and other factors that will impact the cost.

Create Test Cases & Documentation

We develop scenarios that duplicate the ways disabled users may interact with your website or app.

Execute Testing and Provide A11y Audit & Report

Our testing platform is 100% accessible, which allows our disabled staff members to effectively test your product using standardized accessibility guidelines.

Provide Final A11y Report and Sign Off

Once completed, A11y representatives must approve our findings. You’ll receive a finalized report to help you make any necessary changes.

Testing Approaches for Various Disabilities

Our standard testing approach is all-encompassing – we validate that your website or application meets or exceeds WCAG 2.0 & 2.1 guidelines for digital accessibility and is perceivable, operable, understandable and robust to users with a variety of disabilities.

Physical Disability

Physical Disability – Operable with Keyboard, Mouse, Screen reader / Voiceover, Usability without images.

Cognitive Disability

Cognitive Disability – Alternatives for time based media, Users have enough time to read and use content.

Visual Impairment

Visual Impairment – Text spacing and sizing, Color scheme and contrast, Risk of inducing seizures, Ease of navigation, Usability of the site with magnifier / zoom.

Hearing Impairment

Hearing Impairment – Video captions are provided, Text alternatives are provided for any non text content, Ease of navigation.