Payment Testing

Research shows that one out of four online shoppers will not buy a product if a website crashes. One out of seven customers will back out from a purchase if there’s a timeout error. A clean and easy payment process is crucial for your company. You need to make sure live transactions are flawlessly executed from launch day or you will lose sales and customers’ trust.

Two testers working on a laptop together. They are browsing an e-commerce site.
iPhone device laying on a desk with two credit cards placed near it

Testing Front to Back

At PLUS QA, our in-house testers search for flaws with e-commerce, money transfers, and purchases using real devices. They emulate the customer experience from the moment they click “BUY NOW” through the purchase confirmation page. Our thorough process helps make sure our test results are accurate and detailed–allowing you to fix critical mistakes that could drive your customers away.


Tester holding iPhone device in front of desktop display. The iPhone is running an e-commerce application.

Trustworthy Process

PLUS QA works with banking institutions, mobile payment apps, and e-commerce companies. We understand how their processes work on their end. It gives us insight into how our clients’ websites and apps interact with them. All of our testers are located in the United States. We work in a secure environment to help ensure confidentiality and security.

A portable card-reader being used to read a credit card using the smart chip.

Custom Scenarios

We often handle payment and transaction testing when we test for compatibility and functionality. If you believe your website or app requires more thorough testing, we can create custom scenarios and test cases to give you the confidence you need on launch day. Contact us now to find out we can help you execute a flawless launch.

Over the shoulder view of a user scrolling through an online clothing shopping app on their iPhone

Testing E-Commerce

Studies have found that more than half of all online shoppers tell their friends and family when they’re dissatisfied with a product or company. Our experienced staff will test your e-commerce site across dozens of devices and platforms to make sure your customers end up sharing positive experiences with people who trust them–the same people who could become your next customers.