Usability Testing Services

Learn how targeted audiences use your website or application in real-life scenarios

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How Users Want To Use Your Product

53% of consumers think brands fail to meet experience standards. In other words, over half of intended audiences do not feel brand products work as anticipated. This results in failed lead conversions and deleted applications. A usable product allows users to navigate toward the intended goal.

PLUS QA Usability testing is able to provide insights on how users want to use your website or software. Our goal is to provide feedback on how real users are utilizing and navigating the site so you can improve your product, convert leads, and build user loyalty.

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Usability Approach

We will identify usability problems, collect qualitative and quantitative data, and determine participant satisfaction.

Since each product and user is different, it might not make sense to complete all types of usability testing. It will depend on the target audience. We can identify the most effective usability testing scenario for your website or application, allowing you to make informed decisions on what to fix.

Employees in conference room brainstorming with post it notes
Diagram of planning a usability testing approach for website

Usability Testing Options

PLUS QA is committed to assessing the needs of clients and developing usability testing plans that work for them.

Clients have the option to create different Goal-Based Scenarios. These include Elaborated Scenarios, Full-Scale Task Scenarios, Tree Tests, Feedback Tests, Preference Tests, and Multiple Choice Tests. In each scenario, the user will be prompted to complete an action with little to no information on how to complete the task.

Our Usability Testing Services can be conducted on Functional Prototypes, Wireframes, Web Pages, E-Commerce, Rich Media Banners, Kiosks, iOS/Android apps, Video Games, and AR/VR software.