Reading about industry trends is a great way to stay up-to-date with the software testing industry. The QA community is passionate about the industry; as demonstrated through the amount of independent blogs that are available to read and the kinds of topics they cover. You can never read too much and, in a time when quality assurance testing is invaluable, it may be helpful to highlight a few expert blogs in QA testing. 

Here are some blogs to follow for more information and improved approaches to quality assurance testing.

Tech Beacon

TechBeacon a great source to stay up to speed with DevOps news and testing techniques. It features guest blogs from thought leaders and industry professionals, and covers other tech related topics as well.


Dzone tech blog logo

A large online community focused on delivering top-quality content to software developers, Dzone is a fantastic resource for knowledge, tools, strategies, and best practices.

Read Dive 

Readdive tech blog logo

This blog’s tagline is “Daily Dose of Tech” and it showcases blogs about Software Development, Software Testing, Tech news, Fintech and Healthtech. If you are new to tech, or versed in tech, this website is a great place to get updates on what is happening in the tech world. Included on this page are anything from stories to reviews, to podcasts and more. Also, for individuals who enjoy writing, you are welcome to submit your own blog about your personal experiences in tech under their Write For Us section. 

Tech World Times

Tech World Times logo

This blog features posts made by software testers and developers themselves, as well as promotes writers who enjoy technical writing. Similar to Read Dive, this blog post provides recent information on what is going on in the tech world and also has an add on for Blockchain and Startups news. 

Software Testing Magazine

Software Testing Magazine logo

Just as the name implies, this website is a free platform that shares articles, blog posts, book reviews, tools and news and videos about all areas of software testing. Additionally, they offer content on software and new approaches such as BDD, TDD, DevOps and more. There is also an option to submit your own content as well if you find it to be relevant. 

Software Testing Help

Software Testing Help blog logo

This blog has been rapidly growing and has over a thousand QA professionals browsing their posts on a daily basis. Vijay is the founder of the blog and has been working on it for the past 12 years. He completed graduation in B.E. Computer Science and then started a career in software testing. He aspires to continue to learn more and share the information he gains with the rest of his readers. 


Google Testing Blog logo

Our trusted Google has its very own testing blog. Their blog is updated frequently and offers advice, guides and solutions for software testing on several different platforms.

Visible Quality – A Seasoned Tester’s Crystal Ball 

Visible Quality logo - a software testing blog

Maaret Pyhäjärvi has over 10 years of experience with software testing. Instead of posting testing guides or how-to’s, Maaret focuses on what it’s like working as a software tester. She writes about the need for critical thinking, the importance of non-verbal communication and how to collaborate with others.

Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin

Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin logo - a software testing blog

Lisa Crispin has been working within the software industry since 1982. She’s written four books on Agile testing, and now leads agile workshops and conferences in both North America and Europe. This blog focuses on her knowledge of agile testing, as well as how to overcome some of the common hurdles software testers face.

Automate The Planet

Automate The Planet logo - a software testing blog

Anton Angelov is an international speaker, a code project MVP, and he spent six years working as a quality assurance tester at Telerik in Bulgaria. He started his blog to teach other software testers the things he learned that helped him achieve his incredible level of success.

Quality Remarks

Quality Remarks logo - a software testing blog

Keith Klain has spent more than 20 years working in quality assurance for financial services and consulting firms. He leverages that experience for the Quality Remarks blog. Klain “loves solving organizational problems through better software testing” and describes himself as “passionate about coaching and empowering testers.” 

Thinking Tester

Thinking Tester logo - a software testing blog

This blog focuses on how to think like a tester. It’s updated multiple times a week with short, informative articles on topics like why you should stop writing so many UI tests and the best tools for upload testing.


Our goal in finding great blogs to recommend is that they offer educational content, a diverse profile of information and fresh perspectives. In order to have the best QA team, keeping on top of trends and industry changes is vital.

There is always room to grow and learn, especially in the tech world. In addition to the blogs listed above, we recommend following along with us. Stay updated on the top devices for iOS and Android app testing each year, along with other QA testing news, on our blog.

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