2019 PLUS QA Highlights

In 2019, our company experienced significant growth and a lot of changes. We hired 17 new employees and expanded to a second building in order to accommodate this growth. There have been a lot of highlights for PLUS QA this last year.

Meanwhile, our growth has not only been internal; we have also continued to expand our list of clients and launched our custom software testing platform. In 2020, we have more exciting news that will set our path for years to come.

Scaling up

At the beginning of each year I like to take the time to look at some of the highlights of what we have accomplished as a team during the past year. It’s also an opportunity to share with our clients some of the things happening at PLUS QA.

Since 2018 our team has grown from 64 employees to 81. Over the years since I started PLUS QA in 2008 we have moved 5 times and remodeled each of the office spaces we have occupied. Every couple of years the same story seems to be repeated as we outgrow each space.

Each time we move into a new space the layout and organization of the space is an important factor. Since our team interacts with a lot of devices throughout the day a secure device room that is easily accessible is one of those requirements. In addition to that, just like any technology company, conference rooms and meeting spaces are essential. Another key item on our list is enough space to test VR/AR applications and also an extended PC lab.

That’s why in 2019 after outgrowing our office yet again we started looking for additional space and we discovered the building next door to us was becoming available. Once we got the keys for the new space, “The Annex”, we hired a team of contractors to complete a full remodel of our new 5,000 sq ft space in just 7 weeks. By April 2019 we had 20+ desks available, a new PC Lab, a new device room, 5 conference rooms and a large kitchen area and break room for our team. Since then we have made a priority to utilize the space off-hours to bring the team together by organizing events each month (office happy hours, breakfasts, video game tournaments, movie nights, game nights…).

PLUS QA lunch room  PLUS QA office space


Building an inclusive team — Partnering with Oregon Commission for the Blind

Since I started PLUS QA we have had an incredible amount of talented people joining us. In 2020 our team is made up of people from 14 different countries. The diversity of our team has always been a priority for us and I am glad we are able to continue that year after year.

Meanwhile in the past 4 years we have built a team of experts in Accessibility testing. Today we serve companies who build accessible applications for millions of people with disabilities around the world. And as good as our team is, our goal was to bring onboard testers who have first-hand experience with using accessible products in their day-to-day lives. So last summer we started working with the Oregon Commission for the Blind and we are happy to announce we are expanding our team starting this month with new testers with disabilities. This will give us the opportunity to grow the diversity of our team, offer career opportunities to new employees and provide even better high quality accessibility testing to the applications we test all year around. We are fortunate and thankful to work with the OCB these past 6 months in order to make this happen.

Holidays 2020 Team Photo

PLUS QA Testing Platform

In 2017 we launched our build distribution platform BetaCrash. Although BetaCrash has been a smaller internal project, in 2019 we were happy to see that it allowed our clients to ship close to 25,000 iOS and Android builds in just 1 year.

Meanwhile we have continued to grow our development team and last November we officially launched our new Software testing platform, PLUS QA Test Platform. Rather than building just another bug tracking tool, our team has built a platform for our team to use that can log and track bugs, manage test cases for all types of projects, and integrate our build distribution solution to ship iOS & Android apps.

This platform presents information to our clients with a simple, lightweight design, and provides powerful and useful data visualizations to help teams know where and how to improve their applications at a glance.  Our new platform now allows us to work more efficiently with our clients and help them to release their apps faster to the market.

Ticket platform


Being a software testing company in 2020

Over the years, the number of Quality Assurance testing companies has grown globally. There is a lot of competition and I believe it’s a good thing for us to always look at how we can improve and innovate in the software testing space. It’s also good for the QA industry in general who has a lot of challenges ahead. Keeping up the pace with software releases, new technologies and quality is extremely challenging but in the past few years a real community of testers around the globe has risen and now come together via forums, platforms and conferences to discuss the challenges of Quality Assurance and how to overcome them.

On our end, since 2008 our main focus remains on helping our clients deliver high-quality mobile and web applications to millions of users around the world. We like to take on new challenges and tailor each experience to help our clients get there. We are excited to see what we will accomplish in 2020.


Manu Bonnet

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