Managing a QA project from top to bottom is no easy feat, and the work of our project managers is essential to making sure that each testing project is completed on time and meets our high quality standards. Recently, we had an opportunity to chat with our Project Director, Emilie Ohadi, to learn more about her journey with our team and gain some insight into what it’s like to be a project director at PLUS QA.

Hi Emilie, can you tell us who you are and where you are originally from?

I was born and raised in France. I’m a native of the west coast, but I moved to Paris after I graduated to work as a PM with digital and marketing agencies for large clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Peugeot Automobile (PSA Group), and Harrods (Real estate). I then moved to the US about 6 years ago to follow my husband in his career adventure and we landed in Portland, OR.

How long have you been at PLUS QA and what is your role today?

I’m on my way to my 5th year anniversary with PLUS QA already! I started as a Project Manager on one team and moved to work with a different one a couple years ago to lead ‘the special project’ (as we used to be named) when we first started it!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job as a Project Director?

Seeing multiple months-long projects being launched is always very special! For that, it requires great communication and collaboration between all the stakeholders, within our team, and with the client.

What qualities do you think make a good manager for a QA testing team?

Someone who is always looking for excellence and improvements to deliver high quality products, and who is firm and flexible at the same time. Managers need to have a good understanding of the product to evaluate workload and timelines according to their team capacities–but also, and maybe even more importantly–a willingness to delegate and trust their team.

Profile shot of Emilie working at her desk on a laptop.

What are your favorite projects you have managed over the years?

I’ve managed quite a few different projects at PLUS QA over the years but the one I am now managing for more than 2 years is my favorite. Having a full-time dedicated team helped me grow and develop my soft skills. The complexity of the product, number of teams/stakeholders we are working with, and being able to participate in the birth and expansion of a new product is pretty interesting.

What would be your advice for someone who is starting today as a Quality Assurance tester?

Great attention to detail and rigor are key to being successful as a Quality Assurance tester.

How do you keep your team motivated?

I try to keep a good cohesion between individuals to facilitate communication between each member. Thanks to the nature of our work, we consistently have brand-new features that need to be tested, so our team is always encountering something new and exciting throughout the year. In the next few months, I would like to be able to have a specific side task attributed to each one of the GTI team members.

Can you share a funny or interesting anecdote related to your work?

My team worked on several projects for an interactive video company and it was always surprising to see what we’d be testing next. We’ve even had some videos including celebrities like Drew Barrymore or Neil Patrick Harris. It was pretty fun and different from the regular testing we usually do.

What is your favorite part of leading a team?

Seeing my team members blossoming, succeeding, and growing is very nice.

Do you have any passions or hobbies you enjoy outside of work?

On a weekly basis I don’t have a specific special hobby, but more generally, I love to travel, discover new things, explore different cultures and architecture, and try new food and meet new people.

Emilie posing in front of a beautiful natural landscape while on a vacation trip.


Stay tuned for more Q&A sessions this year as we continue to celebrate other members of our team and visit our Careers page to see what roles are currently available.

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