QA Testing is Insurance for Your App

What We Do

At PLUS QA, we find bugs so your users don’t have to.

As professionally-trained QA testers, we make sure your application works for all users no matter their operating system, browser version, or device. Our QA testing services are like insurance for your app—saving you time and money (and saving you from any potential future issues)!

Our detailed and efficient QA process ensures you spend more time focusing on developing your product than on worrying about how your app will function once it goes to production.

Our test cases are designed from scratch and our detailed bug reports include info on test platform configuration, as well as steps to reproduce and fix bugs—including screenshots and system logs.

Our team of QA experts will help you create a testing strategy that covers all test scenarios, making sure the end user experience is optimized—from downloading your app to using it everyday.

We only test on real devices: With more than 70 desktop stations and 260 mobile devices available in our test lab, we support every possible user configuration to help you build an app that’s enjoyable for and accessible to all.

What We Test

Web Applications

We have tested hundreds of web projects, including microsites, e-commerce sites, and banner ads. We also help our clients test front and back-end pages for web applications such as content management systems (CMS).

Mobile Applications

We test a large range of iOS and Android apps all year round for the retail, medical, sports, and marketing industries. We provide high-quality bug reports and prevent your users from experiencing issues no matter what device, screen size or software version they use by testing apps on real devices, including the more than 260 iOS and Android devices in our test lab.

Desktop Applications

We support testing of desktop apps on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. With dozens of PC and Mac stations ranging from basic-use laptops to high-end gaming systems, we’re able to cover a wide variety of real world configurations.

Mixed Reality Applications

Our custom, in-house VR lab facilitates the testing of VR and AR apps. We test the functionality and connectivity of each app, while also providing usability feedback on major VR and AR sets such as HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and Microsoft Hololens.

Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

We have supported IoT projects for clients in the fintech, sports, healthcare, and music industries, testing connected objects such as sleep monitoring devices, car-connected objects, Apple and Android watches, microphones, and more.

How We Test

Functionality Testing

Testing the functionality of your app is foundational to ensuring a positive user experience. After all, if your app doesn’t function the way that it’s supposed to, your users likely won’t stick around for long. We create custom test cases and detailed checklists based on all possible user workflows, then test to ensure that pages load efficiently, links work properly, payments process correctly, data processes accurately, and more.

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Compatibility Testing

There are myriad platforms and operating systems on both mobile and the Web and you probably have users using all of them. That’s why we test across all major Windows and Mac OS browsers for websites, and cover every iOS and Android OS version, too. Our extensive, on-site test lab includes a vast library of popular devices with a variety of screen sizes and resolutions.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing ensures that apps and websites are accessible for users with varying abilities. Our accessibility testing services help to validate accessibility compliance by identifying possible accessibility issues for users with visual, physical, hearing, or cognitive impairments. Ensuring that your app is accessible is not just about compliance, though—accessibility improves the user experience for more users, making the audience for your app even bigger.


Automated Testing

We provide in-house Automation testing services for both desktop and mobile applications. Our team of Automation Test Engineers develop test cases based on functional requirements in order to roll out new features on various apps faster to the market.

Our Process and Our People


We will review the scope of your project, and provide you with a proposal and an estimate.


We will create a custom test plan based on the size and complexity of your project.


We will provide tools that help you manage your test cycles and ship your apps faster.


We will assign an in-house team of professional test engineers to work on your project.

Our team helps companies build, test, and ship apps for users around the world.

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