PLUS QA: The Most Trusted Quality Assurance Testing Partner

There are times when we as testers are tested. Cutting-edge technologies create cutting-edge issues. Enormous clients create enormous challenges. New laws and social advancements require quality assurance analysts to look at their clients’ needs from new vantage points.

Here are several case studies that showcase our versatility analyzing needs, our disciplined testing, and our knack for finding innovative solutions.

Top down view of a tester filing a bug on a laptop device. Next to them is a small flower vase and a mobile device

E-Commerce Case Study

We helped a retail giant launch a new app packed with hi-tech features. As it expanded, we developed an innovative solution to help their engineers create flawless new builds at an unprecedented level.

Lodging Marketplace Case Study

Growth can be hard to predict. Some companies blow up almost overnight. Our elastic testing process allowed us to expand with this client as they became one of the world’s top travel and lodging apps.

Accessibility Case Study

One client’s rigorous accessibility requirements challenged us to think about all of our clients’ accessibility needs. Our custom solution became our new template for how we ensure 100% accessibility for every project.