E-commerce Testing Best Practices

Since 2008, our team has tested dozens of e-commerce websites for a large variety of brands. We have gathered data and created some guidelines for the best QA testing practices. In 2020 e-commerce has never been more important and online sales have reached an all-time high.

When you have an e-commerce website it is important that you understand the different types of tools you can use and how to plan your test strategy to help your team have a successful launch. Download our guide today to learn more about e-commerce testing.

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Top E-commerce Challenges

Challenges often come from device and browser fragmentation. In this guide we look at the different browsers on both desktop and mobile to give you recommendations so you can create a clear and practical test plan for future testing.

The Future of E-commerce

In 2021, it is more important than ever for e-commerce sites to be secure and accessible. Security ensures that you build confidence with consumers to continue repeat business. In a time where consumers are more aware of how their data is used, e-commerce must maintain their integrity by testing for any possible security risks.

Accessible sites mean more users. Not only is having an accessible site the ethical thing to do, but also creates more opportunity for your e-commerce site to reach a larger group of consumers. Take a look at our e-commerce guide and find out if your site is ready for the future of e-commerce shopping.

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