what makes
Our Team Unique

We have created a team of 50 in-house professional testers
to help our clients launch high-quality applications.
Our team is made up of a diverse group including 11 different nationalities
to help our clients deliver applications to a global audience.
We facilitate the testing process through customized applications we have built:
BetaCrash for distributing iOS and Android apps and our Bug Tracking System
to manage bugs, test cases and project test cycles.

Offices in Portland, OR and Philadelphia, PA
Experienced testers
Companies trust us

PLUS QA is the testing partner for hundreds of companies.

By having an in-house team we are able to respond to our clients quickly and efficiently. We are able to provide real-time feedback which saves time for our clients.

Our headquarters in Portland, Oregon conveniently serves the companies we work with on the West Coast and in 2017 we opened a new outpost on the East Coast in Philadelphia.

Our story

Emmanuel Bonnet founded PLUS QA in 2008 with the idea of providing testing services for digital agencies during a time when QA was not considered a crucial phase during project development. A few years later the team grew to 6 members. As the importance of QA became more recognized the team organically grew over the years and now includes a team of 50 testers.

Today PLUS QA is the trusted testing partner for companies such as Adidas, Airbnb, Dropbox, Simple and Walmart. Our Portland lab allows us to run manual and automated tests on 250+ mobile devices and 50 desktop stations.

A company like no other

When the company was originally founded most testing companies were located off-shore. While this is a cost effective model, PLUS QA was born from the idea of doing things differently from the rest. Since the beginning we are focused on the quality of the testing of each individual app we test. This is how our company and our reputation has grown over the years as one of the most reliable testing companies in the US.

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