A Testing Company Like No Other

Since 2008, we have assisted hundreds of clients in testing all types of applications. With a team of U.S.-based quality assurance engineers and a test lab loaded with more than 400 real devices, we help organizations around the world perfect their applications and help our high-end clients implement unblemished product launches. And we continue to evolve as technology evolves, ensuring our clients are ready for the next digital era.

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A portrait photo of Manu Bonnet, co-founder of PLUS QA

Pioneer in Quality Assurance Testing

Emmanuel (call him Manu) Bonnet worked in testing for five years before he launched PLUS QA in Portland, Oregon back in 2008. Over the years, PLUS QA has grown organically. And we continue to grow. In fact, PLUS QA has had to upgrade its office space eight times in the past decade. It’s now one of the premiere testing companies in the quality assurance industry with more than 95 employees–all working from the United States. By hiring only test engineers in the U.S., we have differentiated ourselves from our competition and built an incredible, talented homegrown team.

Our Mission

To facilitate innovation and ensure positive app experiences through quality assurance testing.

Our broad experience, technical expertise, and an on-site team of testers and physical devices allow us to easily and efficiently work as an extension of our clients’ teams — improving user experience at every touchpoint, and helping leading companies, in a variety of industries, consistently deliver the highest quality products and services.






Years of Experience

A portrait of co-founder and partner of PLUS QA, Audrey Bonnet. Included is a logo for NMSDC.

Minority Owned Business

PLUS QA is a certified minority-owned business. In 2021, we received our MBE certification through the National Minority Supplier Development Council. NMSDC’s strict guidelines and thorough process ensure certification is largely accepted by publicly, privately, and foreign-owned companies.
In 2015, Audrey Bonnet joined the company as Partner and Director of HR and Finance. After a career in real estate, Audrey helped scale up the company and made diversity a core objective of PLUS QA. We celebrate our inclusive work environment and embrace our differences. We know that our diverse team is a strength that drive our success. Our QA work benefits all users, so having a diverse team of perspectives is vital to our work.

Interested in leveling up your career in QA?

PLUS QA offers a variety of career opportunities in quality assurance testing.
If you are interested in joining a team where you can make an impact we want to hear from you.

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Benefits & Career Plan

Find out more about the open positions and career opportunities we offer, including project management, accessibility testing, manual testing, and test automation. We recruit people with all types of backgrounds to work on a large variety of projects. Don’t be afraid to apply. You may be the person we’re looking for.