Web QA analyst Royus standing in front of a mural of a fox.Hello Royus, can you give us a little background about yourself?

I am originally from Florida, I grew up there and then went to college at Birmingham Alabama as a student athlete pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I graduated in 2017 and stayed for another two years and, at the time, was more focused on football. I attended a few mini camps such as the Jaguars as well as played in a few football leagues. In 2019, I decided to hang up my cleats and move to Oregon to pursue a career pertaining to my degree.

Why Oregon?

I have always wanted to live on the West Coast and I have family here so the move made sense. Oregon is much different than Florida, it is much greener and we have mountains here. I also enjoy seeing all of the seasons.

What is your role at PLUS QA?

I am a QA Analyst who helps with A11Y projects and applications on our Sonic team. I have been an employee here since last November.

What do you enjoy most working at PLUS QA?

My favorite part is being able to be a part of multiple projects and interacting with everyone. Everyone here is great, and we even have a Talking Ball Slack channel so on top of communicating about certain projects, I can talk sports with my coworkers as well. 

In your own words, why do you believe A11Y is so important?

It is very important from an inclusion aspect. Before being on the A11Y team, accessibility isn’t something you initially think of, you just handle tasks as you are used to. But then you understand the importance of everyone else being able to have access to these applications and meeting everyone’s needs, it is vital inclusion. Everyone has a need to use applications.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone who is starting as a QA Analyst?

The biggest thing is to ask as many questions as possible especially during the training period. PLUS QA does a really good job of pairing the right mentor with each QA Analyst. And you have mentors that you can continue to reach out to anytime after training to ask questions. 

Web QA analyst Royus sitting on some steps and smiling widely at the camera. A mural of a fox is featured in the background.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

When the weather is nice, getting out and adventuring, like going to a nice winery. I don’t play much football anymore, but I do play Basketball. Although, I would be interested in some flag football. I also enjoy spending time with friends in a COVID safe environment. 


Artistic Mural of a fox painted on walliMac on a desk, with the words Now Hiring on the screen