2020 QA Testing Conferences

Every year, the number of Quality Assurance testing conferences grows as the amount of tech companies rises and 2020 will certainly be no exception.

In this post, we will share a comprehensive list of the quality assurance conferences you can expect to find around the US and Europe this year. With the goal of helping you attend a conference that not only aligns with your goals but will challenge your knowledge of the industry going into the new year.


January 2020

2020 Software QA days

Software Quality Days 2020

Date: January 14th  – 17th

Location: Vienna, Austria

Description: https://www.software-quality-days.com/

Their 11th annual conference will cover a variety of industry independent topics surrounding the idea of “Quality Intelligence: Software Quality in the absence of well defined Requirements“.

Keynote speakers will discuss the impact of high performance QA Teams and how to build them, as well as the application of videos as documentation of requirements for engineers and how to evolve your mindset to become a better producer and more successful engineer.


February 2020

Guild conference logo

AutomationGuild Online Conference

Date: February 3rd – 5th

Description: https://guildconferences.com/

Want to expand your testing and automation knowledge, but can’t afford to lose a day at the office?

The AutomationGuild Online Conference gives attendees the flexibility to tune in to the speakers remotely. This allows attendees the opportunity to watch the presenters that are most relevant to their interests, and have unlimited access to those presentations at a later date.

Plus, a unique benefit to this conference is their “Guild Guarantee” which offers attendees a refund if the conference was not as productive as anticipated.



European testing conference

European Testing Conference 2020 

Date: February 6th-7th

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Description: https://europeantestingconference.eu/2020/

To highlight building a strong QA community, the European Testing Conference focuses on teaching and learning about aspects that are relevant to the QA community.

The conference can be divided into 4 keynotes, 5 workshops (of which attendees choose 2), 12 demo talks, and various collaborative sessions covering topics like automation, heuristics, delivery processes, and more.

There is much to learn at this 2020 conference!


Ohio QA conference

QA or the Highway

Date: February 25th

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Description: https://www.qaorthehighway.com/

Located in the Ohio area? Then QA or the Highway might be a great option for you.

This conference is organized by COSQAM (Central Ohio Software Quality Assurance & Management) as an affordable option for regional QA professionals.

With a heavy emphasis on automation, this will be a great conference to attend to gain new insight on the impact, limitations, and new developments of automation in QA.


Test Automation & Digital QA Summit

Test Automation and Digital QA Summit 

Date: February 25th

Location: Seattle, WA

Description: https://10times.com/test-automation-and-digital-qa-summit-seattle

At the Test Automation and Digital QA Summit in Seattle, the conference operates within the framework of Culture, Business Strategy and Technology. This event, curated by Testingmind, has seen success in a variety of countries and will be making its 2020 U.S. debut in Seattle, WA.

The summit includes a day of talks by professional speakers that will focus on Test Automation innovation and the influence of Digital Trends in Quality Assurance.


Test Automation & Digital QA Summit 2020 - San Francisco

Test Automation and Digital QA Summit 2020

Date: February 28th

Location: San Francisco, CA

Description: https://www.testingmind.com/event/test-automation-and-digital-qa-summit-san-francisco-2020/

Following their 2020 U.S. debut in Seattle, Testingmind will continue their Test Automation and Digital QA summit tour in San Francisco.

The conference operates within the framework of Culture, Business Strategy and Technology. The summit includes a day of talks by professional speakers that will focus on Test Automation innovation and the influence of Digital Trends in Quality Assurance


March 2020


European QA days


Date: March 20th-21st CANCELLED

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Description: https://sqadays.eu/en/index

This conference is open to all levels of individuals involved with the Software QA industry and serves as a supplemental event to the SQA Days in May.

Attendees can expect opportunities to learn new QA solutions from a variety of industries and backgrounds and make worldwide connections with like minded individuals.


Test bBash Brighton

TestBash Brighton

Date: March 23rd-27th CANCELLED 

Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

Description: https://www.ministryoftesting.com/events/testbash-brighton-2020

In it’s 9th year of production, The Ministry of Testing presents their European 3-part event at TestBash Brighton.

This event will offer three 3-day training sessions for varying levels of testing professionals as well as one day of workshops and a final conference day, comprised of scheduled presentations from experts in the industry.


STPCON Spring 2020

STPCon Spring 2020

Date: March 30th – April 2nd  CANCELLED

Location: San Diego, CA

Description: https://spring2020.stpcon.com/

The Software Test Professionals Conference is a California conference that hand picks their presenters based on their impact on the testing community and their influence with trending insights on the testing community.

This event is broken up into 3-hour workshops, 1-hour sessions, and  1-hour demos addressing the latest topics in QA.


April 2020

Name: EPIC Experience


Location: San Diego, CA

Description: https://epic.techwell.com/

EPIC Experience is a Techwell Event that will be held in San Diego which aims to be a “Celebration of Agile Testing and Automation”. In its first year of fruition, this 5-day event is scheduled to include multi-day training classes, networking events, half-day & full-day tutorials, keynote speakers and sessions. These sessions, keynotes, and training sessions will cover topics like: Agile Testing Certification, Test Automation, Building Heuristics, AI, Accessibility, and more. Attendees can view the program and sort events based on their job title and interest, so that the event is catered towards what is most applicable and interesting to each individual. The events attendees have access to a range of industries, and will be introduced to some innovative and up-and-coming topics in testing. Sessions are divided into digestible segments to not overload attendees with great information and ideas making this conference one of the most robust for the year and providing the most variety.


Test Bash Detroit

TestBash Detroit

Date: April 23rd – 24th  CANCELLED

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Description: https://www.ministryoftesting.com/events/testbash-detroit-2020

Much like The Ministry of Testing’s European event at TestBash Brighton, TestBash Detroit will offer three 3-day training sessions for varying levels of testing professionals as well as one day of workshops and a final conference day, comprised of scheduled presentations from experts in the industry.


Test Quality Summit

Test & Quality Summit

Date: April 29th MOVED TO OCTOBER 21ST

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Description: https://testqualitysummit.com/

This event packs the hottest topics in testing in a one day event. With over 300 attendees at this conference, it provides the same opportunities to meet and network with those connected to the testing industry, but in a compressed time; making the most of your day out of the office.


SauceCon 2020

SauceCon 2020

Date: April 27th-29th RESCHEDULED-DATE TBD

Location: Austin, TX

Description: https://saucecon.com/

Located in one of the fastest growing U.S. tech hubs, SauceCon 2020 will dive deep with its speakers and workshops about automation testing. 


Test Bash Home Logo

TestBash Home 2020

Date: April 30th-May 1st

Location: Virtual

Description: https://www.ministryoftesting.com/events/testbash-home-2020

Due to COVID-19 there has been a major impact on the testing conference schedule. The Ministry of Testing has come up with an alternative plan to keep software developers and testers safe while connecting the global testing community. This inaugural event is a packed 24 hours of new talks, panels, and challenges and TestBash Home will also revisit some of the most popular talks of the TestBash past. Ticket pricing has also been made flexible so if attendees are facing their own challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic they are able to attend. For more details of how this event will work, please visit their website.


May 2020


Date: May 3-8

Location: Orlando, FL NOW VIRTUAL!

Description: https://stareast.techwell.com/

Take advantage of the sunshine state, and attend StarEast 2020. Over the course of five days attendees can choose to attend training sessions, earn certificates, listen to keynote speakers, and network with fellow QA testers, automation engineers, and developers. This conference also engages it’s attendees in between different sessions and tutorials by creating interactive events and incentives to bring excitement to the conference. 


German Testing Days

German Testing Day

Date: May 6th-7th MOVED TO SEPTEMBER 1-2

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Description: https://www.germantestingday.info/german-testing-day-2020.html

At the world’s largest independent QA conference, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest topics in testing like ‘Agile Testing Training’, ‘Best Practices with Exploratory Testing’, A.I., and much more.


NL Test Bash

TestBash Netherlands

Date: May 25th – 29th MOVED TO OCTOBER 15-16

Location: Utretcht, the Netherlands

Description: https://www.ministryoftesting.com/events/testbash-netherlands-2020

The Ministry of Testing presents another European 3-part event at TestBash Netherlands.

This event will offer options for 3-day training sessions in either automation or agile testing, one day of workshops, and a final conference day, comprised of scheduled presentations from experts in the industry.


June 2020


Nordic testing days

Nordic Testing Days 2020


Location: Talinn, Estonia

Description: https://nordictestingdays.eu/

This volunteer driven conference has previously focused solely on attracting new software testers, however this year, the Nordic Testing Days is looking to expand their attendee base and now work towards attracting anyone who may be interested in the testing cycle.

This change can be illustrated in new program topics for 2020 including Automation, Selenium infrastructure & test scenarios, testing for accessibility, Leadership in the test cycle, and much more.


Romanian Testing Conference logo

Romanian Testing Conference 2020

Date: June 3rd – 5th POSTPONED TO AUTUMN 2020- DATE TBD

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Description: https://romaniatesting.ro/

The 2020 Romanian Testing Conference will take place in June 2020. This conference includes more than 30 speakers from the software industry and will happen over 3 days.


August 2020


Swiss Testing Day 2020

Date: August 26th, 2020

Location: Online

Description: https://swisstestingday.ch/en/

One of the largest European testing conferences! Boasting over 800 attendees, this conference attracts with topics like skills to thrive in the changing tech economy, careers in testing, Testing for AI, and other devops updates.

And of course, we anticipate more QA conferences to be announced as the year progresses (such as StarWest 2020 and PNSQC) so we will update this post at a later date and keep you in the loop on the latest conference news. If you want to review the 2019 QA conferences just browse our blog!

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