Image of two large computer screens on a deskDevelopers know a thing or two about the significance of a great user experience — but what about your experience working as a developer? That’s where Chrome extensions come in.

Chrome extensions are small software programs connected to the Google Chrome browser that enable users to tailor their web browsing experience so that it aligns with their preferences and daily uses. Over 67 percent of the market uses this particular browser, and with the convenience and extensiveness of their collection of extensions—many of which were created to make software development easier—it’s easy to see why.

We’ve shared before about the Chrome extensions we love to use as testers, and today we’ve compiled 15 of the best Chrome extensions for software developers. From checking for broken links to ensuring app security to annotating screenshots, identifying color values, and quickly sending the appropriate GIF, each of these extensions helps to create an optimal (and easier) working experience for software developers.

Read on to find out which of these extensions will exponentially change your work for the better.

The 15 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Developers

1. Checkbot

Screenshot of Checkbot Chrome extensionCheckbot audits your website efficiently, crawling hundreds of pages at once and highlighting broken links, redirects, Javascript errors, and more.

Install the Checkbot extension

2. Panic Mode

Panic Mode “breaks” insecure sites to ensure maximum privacy and security for anything you do online.

3. Dimensions

Dimensions allows you to measure the elements on a website with perfect pixel-by-pixel precision.

Install the Dimensions extension

4. Sizzy

Screenshot of Sizzy Chrome Extension

With Sizzy, you can preview your website on multiple devices at once, ensuring an optimal user interface no matter what.

Install the Sizzy extension

5. Axe

Axe makes it easy to ensure your app or website is accessible to all by testing for accessibility issues detected via automation.

Install the axe extension

6. Request Maker

Request Maker is a tool for penetration testing, where you can easily capture requests made by web pages, tamper with the URL, headers and POST data and, of course, make new requests.

Install the Request Maker extension

7. OneTab

The OneTab extension converts all of the open tabs in your browser into one handy list; later, you can restore them individually or all at once.

Install the OneTab extension

8. GIPHY for Chrome

Screenshot of GIPHY for Chrome extension

If you’re not sending at least one GIF via Slack a day, are you even a developer? The GIPHY for Chrome extension makes it easier than ever to respond with GIFs in a jif!

Install the GIPHY for Chrome extension

9. Quick JIRA

Quick JIRA speeds up the developer workflow, by allowing you to access and respond to any JIRA ticket within seconds.

Install the Quick JIRA extension

10. LambdaTest Screenshots

With LambdaTest Screenshots, you can take direct screenshots on up to 25 different browser and operating system configurations at a time—quickly detecting browser compatibility issues with a single click.

Install the LambdaTest Screenshots extension

11. Usersnap Classic

The Usersnap extension enables you to quickly screenshot bugs and easily annotate them to provide user feedback.

Install the Usersnap Classic extension

12. iMacros for Chrome

We’ve included this extension on our list twice before, but that’s because it’s worthiness bears repeating: iMacros allows you to record and replay any task that you have to do over and over again on the Web . . . automating the process to make your life easier.

Install the iMacros for Chrome extension

13. ColorPick Eyedropper

This color eyedropper tool allows you to easily select and identify color values from web pages.

Install the ColorPick Eyedropper extension

14. DevTools Autosave

Screenshot of DevTool Autosave Chrome extension

If you’re already using the Chrome DevTools extension (and if you read our last post, you might be!), then the DevTools Autosave extension is a no-brainer. It automatically saves changes in CSS and JS that were made through DevTools.

Install the DevTools Autosave extension

15. 30 Seconds of Knowledge

The 30 Seconds of Knowledge extension offers exactly what it claims to: 30 seconds worth of new developer skills every time you open a new tab!

Install the 30 Seconds of Knowledge extension

Hopefully, this list will help you curate the Chrome extensions that will best customize your development experience!

At PLUS QA, we also make your experience easier: By testing mobile and web applications on over 300 in-house devices, we help ensure that you always ship the best version of your software.

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