Optimizing your user experience is key to your website or mobile application. There are a large variety of tools out there to help you do that. That’s why we have created a list of the top 17 Usability Testing Tools which will help you improve the user experience of your product.

What is Usability Testing?

Usability testing is the method of testing that ensures that your app or site is easy to navigate and intuitive to use. With usability testing it’s your users who do the work, actually interacting with your app and providing feedback that you can incorporate to make your app better.

Working with actual users to test the features and functions of your app or site guarantees you will improve the overall user experience. Real users will undoubtedly find issues, errors, or simply confusing elements that you may have missed by being so close to the project.

What Do Usability Testing Tools Do?

There are a number of different tools that help facilitate the usability testing process — from recruiting users to reporting bugs to recording videos to mapping usage, and providing all of this data in a format that’s easily to analyze and take action on.

There are tools that don’t even require qualitative input from users — they simply track where users click, spend the most time, run into problems, and more. More than testing whether or not your site or app is usable, these tools are testing which areas of your site or app are being used the most.

Whatever specific purpose you may have for trying a usability testing tool, there is likely more than one option that can offer a solution. Today, we’re sharing 17 of the top usability testing tools currently on the market.

17 Top Usability Testing Tools

Fullstory allows you to view every move users make on your website. Every click, page transition, and more is captured and shared to help you identify moments where your users might feel frustrated or stuck, and then aggregates statistics to deliver valuable insights on every page.

Screenshot of Fullstory usability testing platformCost: You can use up to 1,000 monthly sessions per free, or purchase a subscription at $199 per month (billed annually) for 25,000 sessions.

Hotjar is a sort of one-stop-shop providing various features to test the usability of your website or application, including heatmaps, user tester recruitment, surveys, feedback polls, real visitor recordings, and more.

Screenshot of HotJar usability testing platform

Cost: Free to $989/month

Koncept is a prototyping and usability testing platform in one. A drag-and-drop editor facilitates the creation of realistic prototypes. From there, you can create user tasks; invite users to test your prototype using 5-second first impression tests, click tests, and navigation tests; then analyze user behavior from the analytics dashboard.

Screenshot of Koncept usability testing platform

Cost: Personal plans are $12 a month. Team plans are $36 a month for three users.

Using Loop11’s test builder, you can create, customize, and assign user tasks and objectives or ask usability questions in 40+ languages. Loop11 also provides features to help source test participants and shares data such as clickstreams, videos, heatmaps, and more.

Screenshot of Loop11 usability testing platform

Cost: You can sign-up for a limited-time, free version of each plan. The Rapid Insights plan, which includes three user tests per month and five participants per user test, is $49 per month. The Pro plan — which offers unlimited tests and participants — is $199 per month.

Morae offers a number of different ways to record and analyze the user experience, including through usability studies, focus groups, field research, and product testing.

Screenshot of Morae usability testing platform

Cost: You can download a free trial of Morae for 30 days. Following that, the software is $1,995.00.

try my UI
Try my UI is a remote usability testing product where you can set up your test, pick your target users from aScreenshot of try my UI usability testing platform wide array of demographic factors, and collect videos of users performing your test to garner feedback. Additionally, their Collaborative Analysis suite turns that user data into engaging and useful results and action steps.


Cost: Personal plans are free, but you pay $35 for each test credit; Team plans are $299 per month, and Enterprise plans start at $1,200 per month.

This remote user research platform offers numerous features, including first-click and navigation tests, design surveys, preference tests, and five-second intelligibility tests to validate interfaces, interaction flows, iconography, messaging, product concepts, and more.

Screenshot of UsabilityHub usability testing platform

Cost: A single user can sign up for free, and plans go up to $396 per month for four users, unlimited test length, and various features.

Userbrain provides access to a worldwide pool of real people using your website or app for the first time, as well as videos of these people interacting with your digital experience and sharing their insight and feedback.

Screenshot of UserBrain usability testing platform

Cost: $14 per user test with a monthly subscription or $20 per user test when you pay as you go.

UserTesting makes it easy for companies to get on-demand feedback from their target market on websites, prototypes, iOS and Android apps through self-guided usability testing videos or live video interviews.

Screenshot of User Testing usability testing platform

Cost: Contact UserTesting directly for further details on Individual and Enterprise plans.

With UXTesting, customers can uncover their customers’ insight by user testing prototypes, mobile apps, or websites. All user data is uploaded to the UXTesting dashboard, where you can easily view all feedback videos and visualized reports.

Screenshot of UXTesting usability testing platform

Cost: After a 14-day free trial, interested customers are required to contact UXTesting for a special quote.

Userfeel.com provides videos of real users sharing feedback as they use your website or app. The testing tool can be used to test a website in any language, and on any device within 24 hours.

Screenshot of UserFeel usability testing platform

Cost: Plans start at $49 per user session for desktop and $99 per user session for mobile and tablet — or you can prepay for a group of credits and receive a discount!

Usabilla’s feedback features facilitates user feedback on websites, apps, and emails. Using targeted surveys and embedded feedback options, companies can collect quantitative and qualitative data from their customers and improve their digital experiences.

Screenshot of Usabilla usability testing platform

Cost: Pricing is calculated by personalized quote.

Optimal Workshop
With Optimal Workshop’s suite of usability testing tools you can test the information architecture of your site, users can provide their first impression of your website in any stage — from wireframe to screenshots of the current site, test and analyze user behavior through heatmaps, garner feedback through surveys, qualitative user notes, and questionnaires . . . and so much more.

Screenshot of Optimal Workshop usability testing platform

Cost: You can use every analysis feature in Optimal Workshop’s suite for free forever on small projects or move up to unlimited features at $166 per month.

UserVoice provides a comprehensive feedback solution that goes beyond just users. By collecting and compiling feedback from multiple sources, including users, sales, support, and more, UserVoice claims to help its customers better curate and analyze the feedback that leads to better product evolution and happier customers.

Screenshot of UserVoice usability testing platform

Cost: Contact UserVoice for details.

Validately is a user research solution that highlights its comprehensive features, including test participant recruitment, a dedicated user research testing platform, and automated reporting of user feedback.

Screenshot of Validately usability testing platform

Cost: Prices start at $199 per month and go up to $699 per month before reaching the Enterprise level. You can also pay for just participant recruiting exclusively, with plans starting at $15 per test participant.

With Userlytics, users follow a script to test your website, mobile app, or prototype remotely on video. You’ll receive picture-in-picture videos of users’ feedback and insights — from there, you can annotate, download, and share the videos and analyze your usability through your own personalized usability testing metrics.

Screenshot of Userlytics usability testing platform

Cost: The DIY Plan starts at $49 per participant, going up to $69, $99, and then an annual subscription for additional participants and features.

A self-described “decision analysis platform”, Qualaroo integrates within your application to provide opportunities for real-time feedback from users. With special features such as an automated feedback loop, sentiment analysis (to help make open-ended responses a little more qualitative), various forms of targeting — from behavioral to cookie to metadata — and so much more!

Screenshot of Qualaroo usability testing platform

Cost: After a 14-day free trial, basic plans start at $99 a month.

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