September 2018 iOS Statistics Show Surge in User Adoption for iOS 12

Pie graph of iOS adoptionLast week, Apple released their latest iOS statistics — this time featuring an impressive debut from the newly-released iOS 12.

Just one week after Google released their September Android usage statistics, Apple revealed that half of all iOS users had adopted iOS 12. Comparatively, Android’s latest Oreo OS is only in use on 19.2% of devices.

iOS 12 Lives Up to Positive Reviews

This is the first time that stats have been released just for devices introduced in the last four years and for all devices. The numbers were even higher when Apple exclusively looked at devices released since September 2014: 53% of users were on board with iOS 12 on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and subsequently released devices.

These numbers seem particularly significant, given that iOS 12 wasn’t even on the user adoption charts just a month ago. After its public release on September 17, the new operating system seems to have gained in popularity and preference rather quickly.

Pie graph of iOS user adoption since September 2014This should come as no surprise, though: since it was first announced at WWDC in June, iOS 12 has gotten rave reviews. According to The Verge, “Apple’s latest mobile OS update focuses on making things work, instead of adding new features.” This is helped, of course, by the fact that iOS 12 was available as an update on devices new and old; iPhones 6 and later could upgrade to the new operating system—actually offering better (not the more-commonly-seen slower) performance with the new operating system.

iOS 12 VS. iOS 11

Unsurprisingly, iOS 12 adoption has eclipsed iOS 11 adoption; not just this month, but compared to this same time last year. In late 2017, it took iOS 11 two months to reach 50 percent adoption — a rate that iOS 12 has reached in just under a month — though iOS 10 was installed on 54 percent of devices in October 2016.

According to last week’s shared statistics, iOS 11 went from 85% to 39% after iOS 12 was released to the public. iOS 10 (and all earlier operating system releases) had a less drastic drop to 11% (down from 15% in August).

What’s Next for iOS?

Row of iOS devices in a device lab

The fourth beta for iOS 12.1 was released yesterday, and the iPhone XR (which will likely release with iOS 12.1 running) is available for pre-sale tomorrow. All of which means that the public beta for iOS 12.1 is bound to be available within the month — and that iOS 12 is likely to see an even bigger bump in user adoption in future upgrade updates.

So what do you get with the latest release? Group FaceTime features, 70 new emojis (including a newly-designed bagel, of course), and eSIM functionality, just to name a few. As a developer, iOS 12’s updates offer new opportunities to explore message effects, Siri Shortcuts, and shared AR experiences between users.

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