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In 2017 we moved into a new office space located in the heart of Portland, Oregon.
We custom built our space to support the testing on hundreds of iOS and Android devices. We offer a safe and secure environment to our clients to test their mobile and web applications.

300+ Devices to test your apps!

With more than 300 real devices in our Lab we support testing for a large variety of applications: websites, e-commerce, mobile websites, iOS/Android apps and also AR/VR applications.

Mobile Device Lab
At PLUS QA we support testing on 260+ mobile devices on both iOS and Android platforms. We are able to test apps on real physical devices on any operating system version. By testing on real devices we replicate real user settings and we help improve the quality of your applications once they reach the market. We keep up-to-date with the latest mobile devices that come out each month so we can help our clients deliver great applications.

Testing for Web and Desktop Apps
In addition to testing mobile applications we also test a large number of web apps on Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. We support testing on all versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux. We do not use any virtual machines to test, only real physical computers so we can replicate real end-user experiences.

Testing VR and AR Apps
In order to accommodate VR and AR testing, we have created a dedicated Virtual Reality room in our lab. This type of room requires enough space to set up systems, move around freely, and powerful PCs.

Our device room

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