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At PLUS QA, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies and development teams—so we’ve seen firsthand the issues that they run into when launching a new app. That’s why, in addition to our app testing services, we’ve created a tool to facilitate the development and testing process.


BetaCrash is a fast and easy solution for distributing iOS and Android builds to your team and testers.

With a simple setup and straightforward steps, you’ll be shipping your app to users and collecting important feedback and data that will help you update and improve your app in no time!

Once you upload your build, BetaCrash generates a link that can be delivered to your team manually or through Slack. The app will download automatically once a user clicks on the link — no UDIDs or provisioning profiles necessary!

In addition to easy and efficient build distribution, BetaCrash provides the following features:



BetaCrash’s CrashReport feature makes bug tracking effortless by enabling testers to capture bugs and send crash logs to engineers directly from their iOS and Android devices. When testers find a bug, they simply shake their device to capture a screenshot of their screen. From there, they can add a title and description of the bug and submit the bug to the developer with the press of a button!

Dashboard + Tickets

On the Dashboard you’ll be able to easily access and visualize everything you need to know about your apps — how many builds you’ve shipped, how many builds have been downloaded, and the most used devices and operating systems. You can filter results by date and easily download the data to share with your team, too!

Your team can also easily file their feedback. The Tickets feature helps you file, track, and organize tickets for every build on every project — no training required!

BetaCrash was created to get your high-quality apps into the hands of your users faster than ever.

Learn more about how BetaCrash can support your app development today.

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