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Our mobile device library includes more than 300 iOS and Android devices, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Android phones, and tablets. By testing your apps on real devices, we provide high-quality Mobile App Testing and also bug reports to prevent your users from experiencing issues no matter what device, screen size, or software version they use.

Verify bugs across dozens of devices

We save you time and money when it comes to making sure a bug fix works across all different devices. Our detailed and efficient QA process ensures you spend more time focusing on your product rather than being concerned about bugs and how your app will function once it goes to production.

Contact us if you’d like to know the list of desktop and mobile devices we support in our in-house Test Lab.

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Keep the process simple

We provide the process and the tools to facilitate your testing process. Our proprietary solution PLUS QA Test Platform, will help you track all bugs logged by our QA team. In addition to that you can use our platform to ship your app faster by managing your bugs and your iOS and Android build on the same platform.

You won’t need hundreds of testers to effectively test your app. By quickly accessing a large range of mobile devices, our team of QA testing professionals will help you to test and release your apps faster without compromising the quality.

Which devices should you test?

We test a large range of iOS and Android apps all year round for retail, medical, sports, and marketing industries — and more. Every month, we track iOS and Android platform distribution statistics, and we provide an extensive collection of iOS and Android devices within our Test Lab. Before every project, we identify the best devices to support your app (and user audience) and can test across multiple versions of the same device in our lab.

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