BetaCrash: A fast and easy solution for distributing iOS and Android builds with your team.


We created a solution to help our clients ship iOS and Android apps within their team. With just a few simple steps Mobile Engineers can distribute their apps to their team and easily get feedback from testers. BetaCrash integrates a method of retrieving crash reports and screenshots from testers directly from your mobile device.


Shake your device to edit the screenshot


Include a title and description


Submit the bug to your developer


Slack integration

You can integrate BetaCrash notifications in a Slack channel, so every time a new build is posted by your engineer a link will be automatically posted and will include information such as the build version, the passcode and release notes.

Integrate BetaCrash with your favorite tools

Your engineers can upload their builds via the API. BetaCrash integrates with Xcode, Slack and Android Studio so the uploading process is quick and easy.

Password protect your apps and set how long you want it to be available to your testers.





Android Studio

Android Studio

Try BetaCrash and give us some feedback!

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