Choosing the Best Test Automation Services

Combining Manual Testing and Test Automation to accelerate the release of your apps

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Your QA Automation Partner

The PLUS QA Automation team develops test plans to suit our clients’ needs, whether that means creating a new test automation suite from scratch, or contributing to an existing one. We leverage our extensive experience in manual testing to create a user story (BDD) or requirement driven test plan which emphasizes coverage, modularity and code reuse. Our team creates short unit or integration tests which integrate into our client’s CI system, as well as long-running end-to-end automation tests, which may run only several times a day.

Our approach as an automation testing company is to create tests that keep up with the pace of developers. We believe tests should give developers accurate and reliable feedback, allowing them to move quickly without losing confidence in their code. We emphasize tests that are reliable, self-documenting, and can easily be refactored.

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Framework & Tools

The most important step in making a test automation suite is choosing the right framework and language. While we have experience with common test frameworks including RobotFramework, pytest, TestNG, JUnit, and TestCafé, we excel at adapting to our clients current stack, and are open to learning new tools and frameworks.

In addition to test frameworks, we are familiar with common testing & CI tools, such as Git & Github, Selenium (through Python, Java & Javascript), appium, Jenkins, Travis CI, Postman, as well as remote device hosting services such as BrowserStack.

Test Automation Logos for TestCafé, BrowserStack, pytest, Jenkins, Selenium, and JUnit 5
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Web and Mobile Automated Tests

Our team specializes in browser automation for both desktop and mobile browsers, however we are experienced in Android app automation testing as well.

By automating tests on real mobile and desktop browsers we guarantee the accuracy of the results. We often combine manual and automated tests to maximize the speed and efficiency of the testing.

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