PLUS QA is the trusted testing partner to hundreds of companies across the United States.

With 75 trained, in-house testers working from offices in Portland and Philadelphia—on over 300 devices directly from our on-site device lab—we are experienced in and equipped to help our clients launch high-quality applications to audiences around the world.

Our focus is on quality.

Quality permeates everything we do at PLUS QA. It’s our number one core value.

As QA testers, we work every day to ensure the quality of our clients’ applications.
Over the years we have built our culture around trust and quality throughout our company.

Our team is made up of more than 75 professionally-trained, experienced, on-site testers from 14 different countries.

We have tested apps for 400+ startups, brands, and agencies in the United States and around the world.

Onshore Testing Only
We have offices in Portland, Oregon and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Our Story

PLUS QA’s founder, Emmanuel Bonnet, worked in QA testing for years before he founded PLUS QA. He knew the industry inside and out, and wanted to change the way testing was implemented and executed.

More specifically, he wanted to bring testing to more creative and digital (and innovative) industries—industries he felt were untapped by testers—and make testing an integral part of the process.  The adventure started in 2008 and the company became quickly successful with the growth of the mobile app industry.

Today, PLUS QA employs over 75 testers and works with companies such as Airbnb, Walmart, Dropbox, Nike and Ubisoft.

Over the years we have tested hundreds of websites, mobile applications and connected objects. By hiring only test engineers in the US we have always differentiated ourselves from our competition and build an incredible talented team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate innovation and ensure positive app experiences through quality assurance testing.

Our broad experience, technical expertise, and on-site team of testers and physical devices allow us to easily and efficiently work as an extension of our client teams — improving user experience at every touchpoint, and helping leading companies in a variety of industries consistently deliver the highest quality products and services.

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