2021 QA Testing Conferences

In 2020 QA testing conferences encountered a major change after COVID-19. While some conferences moved to virtual events, others were canceled entirely. In 2021, these events are following a similar pattern. While some conferences are planning to remain virtual, others are putting their events on pause until they can plan with more stability. 

We will break down the various QA testing conferences happening in 2021 and the format they will be conducted in. 



Mobile Growth Association Logo

MGA Fintech Growth Summit 


Dates: January 28th, 2021

Location: Virtual

E-commerce experienced a lot of growth in 2020 with more users taking their shopping online due to the pandemic (for more data on e-commerce’s expansion in 2020 take a look at our E-commerce guide). Because e-commerce saw growth, Fintech is also picking up steam in 2020 and is continuing its growth into 2021. This conference provides an environment for new Fintech companies to share their experiences with industry leaders. With new networking opportunities and industry-leading speakers, this conference is geared towards making Fintech the next big thing in 2021. 


Test JS Summit Logo for 2021 QA Conference

Test JS Summit


Dates: January 28-29th, 2021

Location: Virtual 

The Test JS Summit aims to help QA Testers and developers get up to date on various topics in JavaScript. The 2021 QA testing conference plans on discussing: automation, E2E testing, mobile testing, testingOps, UI testing, security, performance testing, API testing, visual regressions, and unit testing. Test JS Summit has also worked to provide virtual networking opportunities through remote afterparties and gaming tournaments. Attendees will hear from a variety of speakers from companies like Spotify, Sauce Labs, Cypress, Wix, Microsoft, Google, and more! 




Automation Guild Logo

Automation Guild Online Conference 


Dates: February 8-12th, 2021 

Location: Virtual 

Automation testing is a hot topic in the world of software testing. This conference aims to provide their attendees with tips and tricks on selenium automation, API testing techniques, best practices for mobile testing, automation frameworks like Appium, Cypress, WebdriverIO, how to automate pipeline strategies, accessibility, security, and much more! Attendees can choose between a 3-day or 5-day virtual ticket.


Unicom Logo

UNICOM- Agile, DevOps & Testing 


Dates: February 10-11th, 2021

Location: Virtual 

At this convention with over 500 speakers and 50 different workshops, attendees will have access to a variety of topics including DevOps and continuous integration testing (CI), Agile software testing, cloud-based performance testing, web services testing, mobile applications testing, AI into testing, barriers to adoption of testing, testers as quality advocates, gherkin and model-based testing, enterprise application testing, Agile test management, and more. 


MARCH 2021


Microsoft Ignite QA Conference Logo

Microsoft Ignite


Dates: March 2-4th, 2021

Location: Virtual

This event will be the follow-up to a virtual event in September of 2020. Previous sessions are available on the myignite website. These sessions cover topics like Project management, cloud strategies and technologies, data management, SQL servers, enterprise and business, IoT, security, and mobile devices related to Microsoft. This event will not take the place of Microsoft Build (an event for developers) that we can expect to see virtually in May 2021. 


APRIL 2021


International Conference on Software Testing 2021 ICST Logo

International Conference on Software Testing (ISCT 2021) 


Dates: April 12-16th, 2021

Location: Virtual

The ISCT aims to provide an environment for those related to the testing industry to present ideas, developments, research findings, and applications in the area of software testing, verification, and validation. Various papers, sessions, and tracks are available based on attendees’ interests. 


Star East QA Testing Conference Logo

Techwell- StarEast Conference  


Dates: April 26-30th 2021 

Location: Virtual

Over the course of five days, attendees can choose to attend training sessions, earn certificates, listen to keynote speakers, and network with fellow QA testers, automation engineers, and developers. This conference also engages its attendees in between different sessions and tutorials by creating interactive events and incentives to bring excitement to the conference.  


JULY 2021


Mile High Software Testing Conference Logo

Mile High Software Testing 


Dates: July 27-28th, 2021

Location: Denver, Colorado

Mile High Software Testing conference encourages the customization of their conference to suit the varying interests of attendees. Those who seek more tactile information and learn through experience have the option to attend tutorials and workshops; others can take advantage of topics from a wider view and gain valuable takeaways in short format; those who want to listen to speakers on a variety of topics in a longer format will have the ability to do so. With the option to choose attendees can get the greatest value from attending this conference. 




World Academy of Science, Engineering And Technology (WASET) Logo

ICSTP 2021 


Dates: August 5-6th, 2021

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The International Conference on Software Testing Process brings together academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to share their experiences and research related to Software Testing. It provides an interdisciplinary platform to present and discuss recent innovations, trends, concerns, challenges, and solutions in fields related to software testing.




Swiss Testing Day QA Conference LogoDevOps Fusion Software Development Conference Logo

Swiss Testing Day/DevOps Fusion 2021


Swiss Testing Day:    September 14, 2021

DevOps Fusion:         September 14, 2021

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Swiss Testing Day

Swiss Testing Day is a conference for people working in and around testing. The focus is on practitioner-based content that provides attendees with actionable ideas they can use in their daily work. Come to exchange experiences and share ideas, network, learn, inspire, and connect.

The Swiss Testing Day community is comprised of testers of all shapes and sizes (test engineers, analysts, masters, and co.), as well as programmers, project managers, designers, and all those who are interested in a smoother software development cycle and would like to contribute to better quality.

DevOps Fusion

DevOps Fusion is a conference that looks at both the technical and management aspects of DevOps. Experts from Swiss and international organizations share practical examples, providing inspiration and actionable tips for daily work. Meet other members of the DevOps community for a day to share stories, network, and inspire one another.

The conference will take place together with Swiss Testing Day on September 14, 2021 at ARENA Cinemas in Zurich. Learn more at www.devops-fusion.com


Expo QA Testing Conference Logo



Dates: POSTPONED until 2022

Location: TBD

This international conference seeks to bring together software testing and quality assurance professionals in Spain and Europe. There are hands-on workshops on the 20th of September and 2 days of talks with 5 tracks of professional talks and masterclasses on the 21st and 22nd. In these three days, all topics are dedicated to software testing & quality engineering. During this conference, attendees will have the opportunity to attend both technical and non-technical sessions to help them become well-rounded professionals. The conference will cover topics such as test automation, microservices testing, API testing, agile testing, AI testing, big data testing, manual and exploratory testing, test management, testing embedded software, DevTestOps, and more.


EuroSTAR 2021 QA Testing Conference Logo

EuroSTAR Online 2021 


Dates: September 28-30th, 2021

Location: Virtual

EuroSTAR boasts itself as an independent and all-inclusive community where Software Testers can collaboratively work towards evolving their profession while fulfilling their professional potential. This translates to a community-driven conference where all members are invited to submit proposals and talk at the conference.



QA Fest 2021 Conference #1 Banner

QA FEST 2021 


Dates: POSTPONED until 2022

Location: TBD

Attendees who planned on attending this conference in 2020 automatically have their tickets transferred to 2021. This conference boasts itself as being the largest QA tester and automation engineer conference. With lots of networking opportunities, recognized speakers, and prizes this highly organized conference aims to enlighten the testing community in an energetic environment. 



Star West QA Testing Conference Logo

Techwell- StarEast Conference  


Dates: October 3-8th, 2021 

Location: Anaheim, California

Over the course of five days, attendees can choose to attend training sessions, earn certificates, listen to keynote speakers, and network with fellow QA testers, automation engineers, and developers. This conference also engages its attendees in between different sessions and tutorials by creating interactive events and incentives to bring excitement to the conference.


Pacific NW Software Quality Conference 2021 Logo

PNSQC 2021 


Dates: October 11-13th, 2021

Location: Virtual

The Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference theme for 2021 is “Quality Coming Together.” For 39 years, PNSQC has brought together people from throughout the industry. This conference features keynote speakers as well as multiple workshops to choose from. 




Agile Testing Days QA Conference Logo

Agile Testing Days 2021 


Dates: November 15-18th, 2021

Location: Potsdam, Germany

The Agile Testing Days Conference is a festival for the agile community to network and gain insights on testing and agile. The conferences usually focus on concepts like AI, agile leadership, test automation, security testing, API testing, and more. They will be accepting proposals in January 2021 for the upcoming Fall conference.


Paris Testing Conference Logo

Paris Testing Conference 


Dates: November 22-26th, 2021

Location: Virtual

The 3rd edition of the ParisTestConf will be held the week of November 22 to 26, 2021. Stay tuned to their website for more info, and feel free to take a look at the Paris Testing Conference Youtube channel for full sessions from the 2020 conference!

And of course, we anticipate more QA conferences to be announced as the year progresses, so we will update this post at a later date and keep you in the loop on the latest QA testing conference news. If you want to review the 2020 QA testing conferences just browse our blog!

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