iOS Statistics and Apple WWDC 2019 Updates

If you follow our blog you probably saw our recent post about the latest Monthly Statistics and news from Google I/O. This week we are sharing the most recent iOS statistics from Apple from May 2019 and a list of exciting updates from Apple WWDC 2019. With a new iOS version 13 and many new features and OS updates, Apple WWDC was full of great news. Here is a list of the most important ones that will affect how you build and test iOS Apps.

May 2019 iOS statistics

Based on Apple’s latest update, 87% of all devices introduced in the last 4 years are using iOS 12 and 85% of all devices are using iOS 12. That leaves 15% of the users on older iOS versions with the majority of them on iOS 11.

May 2019 iOS stats

Source: Apple.

iOS 13 Performance

According to Apple, downloads will be 50% smaller & updates will be 60% smaller on iOS 13.

The iOS dark mode feature has been added to assist in the phone’s performance and battery life. Displays, widgets, app content and calendars will switch into dark mode across the operating system. iOS 13 also includes a complete revamping of Maps with a 3D view and 3D movement.

Privacy and Security was definitely a focal point in production, touting quite a few new features that affect multiple areas including location sharing, Signing In and creating an account on apps so you won’t need to reveal your personal information.

iOS 13 devices compatibility list


iPad OS

With the introduction of iPad OS, Apple is confirming the idea that the iPad in general is in a class of its own. It cannot be included under the iOS umbrella due to its unique features. The launch of iPad OS further explains the intent and thought behind these special characteristics in iPads to come.

A lot of these new features come from gesture navigation. Toggling between apps will be much easier than before and now gives users the ability to use multiple apps at one time. Now, iPad users will be able to compose and multitask easily across native apps and 3rd party programs.

Regarding Safari, the web browser will be present a desktop version of the website. So using Google Docs and other apps within Safari will be easier. Safari on iPad OS also includes a download manager feature.



Apple attempted to address accessibility issues with the introduction of apple voice control. It’s quite amazing the capabilities and thoughtfulness put behind this new feature. Apple breaks down these barriers by creating opportunities for seamless control over most (if not all) functions a user might anticipate. If you want to get a full breakdown of the new accessibility features in iOS 13 visit


Mac OS Catalina

In addition a long list of news from Apple for Mobile including Apple watch, Apple also announced a new version of Mac OS. Get a full list of the new OS features here for Catalina:

Woman drawing on iPadImage credit: Apple.

Apple WatchOS 6

During the WWDC, Apple has also announced WatchOS 6. New features includes: Activity trends so you can get a full picture of your daily activity, cycles, apps (audio books, voice memos, calculator).

You will also be able to access the full App Store from your watch and apps who currently require a companion app on your iPhone will be available for install directly on the Apple watch without the use of your iPhone.

WatchOS 6 watch preview
Image credit: Apple.

iOS 13 is currently available for developers, a public beta will be released in July, a final dev beta in early September and in mid-September the official launch likely with new iPhones.

Are you planning to release a new version of your iPhone app on iOS 13? Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about how we can help you with testing!

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