PLUS QA 2019 Lab Expansion

It was only a year ago that we were celebrating the 10-year anniversary of PLUS QA, but in the days since we’ve experienced significant growth. In the two years since we moved into our current office, we have outgrown our space yet again. But this time, instead of moving into a larger space, we’ve expanded into a neighboring building next to our existing office space.

One of our internal goals for Q1 of 2019 was to remodel and move into this second office space. While the renovation for our main office took over six months, we were able to make our new Annex move-in ready in just seven weeks!

Office Break Room

“Our mission for PLUS QA is to be a full-service partner to our clients, supporting the app development process through our testing, our tools, and a collaborative partnership with our team,” said Manu Bonnet, PLUS QA’s Founder and CEO. “This new office is a reflection of our commitment to that mission.”

The new space offers an additional 5,000 square feet of space — including an open workspace, five new conference rooms, and an additional device lab with more than 300 mobile devices. Today our team has grown to 75+ employees and our new building continues to contribute to our collaborative environment.

PLUS QA Blazers roomThe Annex is part of an ongoing company expansion, and the growth was necessary after adding more than a dozen new clients to our roster in 2018. Last year, our team grew by more than 10% and we’re well on our way to surpassing that growth in the first quarter of 2019.

Not only do we have new additions to our teams and location but also expansion on the work we provide to our clients. Our expertise in testing VR and AR Applications allow us to support more startups and clients developing these types of applications. In addition to that, we’ve grown our development team and our Accessibility testing services. We now have a large Accessibility testing team and this has been one of our main focuses in the past 3 years.

In the short-term, the Annex will be home to our ever-growing team of QA testers. We’ve already hosted our “office-warming” happy hour, a movie night and a hackathon. We also hope to open up the space to the community, and partner with local organizations to host meetups and a speaking series.


The remodel of our new space and the addition of our new hires reflect PLUS QA’s ongoing commitment to quality. And while this significant growth is an investment in our team and our company, it’s also a long-term investment in the quality and availability of our services and resources for our current and potential clients.



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