5 Reasons We’re Grateful to Work at PLUS QA

Work is usually the last thing people think of when they think of Thanksgiving. For many people in the United States, it’s actually a day away from the usual grind of the 9-to-5.

For that reason, it makes sense that most of us don’t think of work first when we think about what we’re grateful for during the holiday season. And sure, most of us are thankful just to have a job that pays the bills — but for all of us at PLUS QA, it goes beyond that, too.

Besides being thankful for a few days off to spend with our family and friends, we’re pretty thankful to work at PLUS QA. Here’s just five reasons why:

The Clients

Image of a laptop and smartphone featuring AirBNB websiteIn the last 10 years, we have worked with hundreds of satisfied, successful customers. From AirBNB, Walmart, and Dropbox to Simple, Ubisoft, and Nike, we’re grateful to work with some of the leading companies, startups, and agencies in the US and around the world.

Our work allows us to collaborate with and support our clients in improving the quality of their apps and websites every single day. And while we may not always realize it in the day-to-day work of testing, it’s gratifying to remember that we’re helping our clients help their customers have a better experience — whether they’re successfully booking a place to stay (or earning an income) through a home-sharing app, effortlessly budgeting and saving for a big purchase, or easily accessing the activewear they can wear while staying physically healthy.

When we can remember that, it makes it easier to remember (and be grateful for) the work that we do — and the companies we do that work for.

The Variety

Photo of QA tester sitting at a desk doing accessibility testing on a tabletEven the best jobs can feel pretty tedious when you’re doing the same thing day in and day out. Thankfully, many of our testers spend their time working on two or more different client accounts.

And even those testers who work almost exclusively on one client team often try different types of testing, move between different devices and platforms, or work on another type of project altogether: Several members of the PLUS QA team also work on our app distribution platform, BetaCrash, on sales and marketing, or in office management.

The Office

Photo of PLUS QA open concept office space

PLUS QA Founder, Manu Bonnet, had a long list of requirements for an office when he found our current space in 2016. After a lot of late nights and weekends remodeling the interior of the space, he had made significant updates that created the open, modern, and comfortable space we all enjoy now.

Aside from the open concept office space, there is a spacious kitchen, workout room, changing room, and six individually-themed meeting rooms. While we’re grateful for the unique design and vibe of every room in the office, the Lego Room might be a fan favorite 🙂

The Location

Photo of Portland skylineCall us biased (we are), but there’s no better place to work and live than Portland, Oregon.

Earlier this year, Inc.com listed Portland as one of the best places to live in the US — because of the food, the nearby mountains and the coast, the youthful culture, and many of the high-tech employers that make up our client base. And according to a Portland profile in Career Contessa: “Portland hosts some of the fastest growing private businesses in the U.S. . . . plus some of the most innovative small businesses and start-ups.” (:raised_hand:)

It’s no wonder why we all love to live and work here, but we’re particularly grateful for PLUS QA’s spot in a residential neighborhood in Southeast Portland just off Burnside. We’ve got coffee shops, restaurants, and Fifty Licks ice cream shop all within walking distance, and our office is tucked away on a quiet street that’s perfectly conducive to testing — and easily finding free parking!

The People

Picture of four PLUS QA employees holding trophy and medals from ping pong championsLastly, and perhaps most importantly, PLUS QA would be nothing without its people.

We have over 60 employees — and we’re still growing! — from 12 different countries from around the world, all with a wide range of experience in QA testing, software and web development, marketing and sales, and more. And if the daily conversations in our Slack channels are any indication, we get along pretty well.

From ping-pong championships to Halloween costume contests to white water rafting trips, the coffee club, and holiday parties, we all like to spend time with each other — inside and outside of the office.

Of course, PLUS QA has cultivated a quality team and a positive environment for everyone to interact and learn from each other — but we’ve also just got some of the best people, professionally and personally, under our roof. The relationships we’ve built with one another are foundational to our success as a team and a company.

And this Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for that above all else.

* * *

Thank you to you for reading along on the blog, today and every week. Happy Thanksgiving!

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