August 2018 Mobile Usage Statistics for iOS and Android

Both Apple and Android released updated mobile usage statistics in recent days, and we’ve compiled everything you need to know.

iOS Summer 2018 Statistics

Pie chart of iOS platform distribution numbers as of September 3, 2018We’re just a little under a week away from Apple’s September 12th “Gather Round” event, and earlier this week, they finally shared updated iOS adoption statistics for the first time since May.

Just days before iOS 12 is released alongside a slate of new iPhones next week, we learned that iOS 11 usage has increased by nearly 5% over the summer. iOS 10 usage is also up 10%, and earlier versions, iOS 8 and 9, are up 5%.

Overall, iPhone lovers have been slower to adopt iOS 11 than they were of its predecessors. There are a few reasons for this, of course: When iOS 11 was first released, over 89% of devices were using (and apparently loving) iOS 10. And in the year since its first release, iOS 11 has not been without its share of problems: the operating system was so well-known for its bugs that one even appeared in an Apple ad!

All that being said, Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi told the WWDC ‘18 audience that customer satisfaction for iOS 11 was at 95% in June. And while iOS 11’s performance and adoption rate has improved, it’s likely that the OS’ growth slows here, as we await the public launch of iOS 12—an operating system Apple CEO, Tim Cook, pointedly said would focus on better performance and fewer bugs.

All About iOS 12

Following Apple’s big event next week, the newest iPhones are expected to go on sale on Friday, September 21st. iOS 12 will likely launch two days prior on Wednesday, September 19th — in other words, just a couple of weeks from now!

So, what’s new with iOS 12? At WWDC, Cook shared a number of new features including Group FaceTime, Siri Shortcuts, personalized animojis, ARKit 2, and more!

The most notable update, of course, is Apple’s focus on improving the experience users had with iOS 11, by making launch and load times faster and improving the OS’ stability and reliability.

August 2018 Statistics for Android

Chart of Android OS platform distribution numbers as of August 31, 2018Google was quick to provide their August 2018 OS mobile usage statistics on the last day of the month last week!

The most meaningful data point in their update was arguably the uptick in adoption for Oreo 8.0 and 8.1 The OS saw a slight bump in usage over the last month at 14.6% adoption, up from 12.2% at the end of July.

We predicted that uptick way back in April but, much as with iOS 11, Oreo usage is likely to slow down as more and more users (and devices) get onboard with Android Pie.

Older OS versions, Nougat and Marshmallow, are still in the lead for overall adoption — 30.8% and 22.7% respectively — though their usage didn’t increase at all in the last month. Despite that, Nougat and Marshmallow still command a large share of the Android audience, so developers should continue to test on these operating systems.

There were no distribution numbers provided for Android’s latest operating system, Pie, in the August report, leading many to believe that adoption of the new OS still makes up less than 0.1% of all Android users.

Who Wants a Piece of the (Android) Pie?

Close up of the back of a black Android Pixel on top of a marble backgroundWhile there aren’t mobile usage statistics to share on Android Pie just yet, Oreo’s successor is still starting to make waves. The Verge called Android Pie “one of the most consequential Android updates in years.”

Formerly known as simply “Android P”, the latest version of Google’s OS was released as an update to Pixel phones in early August. Pixel and Pixel 2 users can start playing around with features such as app time limits, gesture navigation, and better built-in search now — but other phones will have to wait.


When it comes to developing and testing your apps, these mobile usage statistics show it’s still important to consider the popularity of iOS 11 and Android Oreo, even as we set our sights on updating apps for iOS 12 and Android Pie.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to learning more about Apple’s newest devices during next Wednesday’s event!

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