Behind the Scenes of PLUS QA + Our 10th Anniversary Party

PLUS QA is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year—and what better way to celebrate than to throw a party? Last Thursday, the entire PLUS QA team came together to commemorate the growth of this company, observe the size and diversity of our team, and have a lot of fun together! Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes of our company, our team, and last week’s celebration.

The Growth of PLUS QA

Photo of three PLUS QA remote employees in town for PLUS QA party

Vita, Omar, and Andy flew in from Philly and Las Vegas.

Earlier this year, PLUS QA turned 10 years old. Founder, Manu Bonnet, shared the whole story of how PLUS QA came to be on the blog last month—but the fun didn’t stop there!

Last week, our whole team got together after work to spend some time together away from our computers (and mobile phones and tablets . . .) and celebrate the anniversary with a PLUS QA party.

“It was a really fun night. It’s always nice to spend time together as a team outside of the office,” Manu said. “It was also really incredible to see firsthand how much our team has grown—from just me with a couple of computers and mobile phones 10 years ago to a team of over 50 people in Portland, Seattle, Philly, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.”

Anya, a QA Lead who has worked at PLUS QA since early 2014, has also witnessed the significant growth of the company: “I remember Plus QA being a small team, but within a short period of time the company grew, employing more and more people. It’s amazing to witness a small business developing from a startup to a solid, well-known, and respected company.”

Building a Diverse Team

Photo of PLUS QA employees in Prison Break room at Escape Games PDX for PLUS QA Party

A few team members had to escape prison before karaoke.

But the size of our team wasn’t Manu’s only consideration: The diversity of our team has always been an important factor to him—and everyone at PLUS QA—too.

PLUS QA is one of few US-based testing companies with over 50 local employees. Half of our management positions are filled by women, and our employees hail from countries all over the world including the United States, France, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, South Korea, and more.

“I think the coolest thing about our company is how diverse we are,” says PLUS QA’s Technical Director, Omar. “Having people from various cultures and backgrounds keeps things more stimulating. I think it also enables us to be much more creative than the average company.”

Of course, Manu agrees: “The diverse voices on our team bring diverse experiences, talents, and innovations to our company, to our clients, and to our projects.”

Working Hard + Playing Hard

Photo of PLUS QA employees at Voicebox Karaoke for PLUS QA Party

Kelsie, Vita, Anya, and Dmitry at Voicebox Karaoke.

Last Thursday, all 55 of us closed up shop a little early to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of PLUS QA as a team! And we truly had the whole team in tow: Omar and Vita flew in from Philly, Andy flew in from Las Vegas, Gary flew in from San Francisco, and Jeremy came down from Seattle.

We got the party started at Escape Games PDX, where four teams had one hour each to try to escape the Amnesia room, Sherlock’s Secret, Portlandia, and even prison! Though not everyone escaped, we all somehow made it to Voicebox Karaoke in Southeast Portland, where we sang the night away.

Jenna, who recently joined the team as the Marketing Director said: “I have been so impressed (since even before I started working here!) by the diversity, intelligence, and friendliness of this team. I’m so glad I got to attend the PLUS QA 10th anniversary party and get to know everyone—and I’m really grateful to have joined a company as progressive and fun as PLUS QA.”

Group photo of PLUS QA employees in front of Escape Games PDX

Cheers to 10 years—and another successful 10 more!

Want to work with the team at PLUS QA? You can! Connect with us to learn more about who we are and how we can support your QA testing needs.

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