PLUS QA Now Supports Testing on iPhone 8, 8+ and iOS 11

At PLUS QA, we know how important it is to stay on top of the latest releases. We always acquire the most recent devices as soon as we can, so that our testers can start testing on them right away. We started testing on iOS 11 in its beta version a few months ago. And starting today, we officially support testing on the new iPhone 8 and 8+. We are very happy to have these new devices in our library.

Recall the last Apple Keynote presentation. The Californian company revealed their new building in tribute to Steve Jobs. They also introduced the new Apple Watch and the new iPhones. Of course, they also showcased some of the new features of iOS 11.

This is very exciting for us because this new operating system will help us to be even more efficient while testing. iOS 11, which comes installed on the new phones, has several great features that will make the lives of developers and testers easier.

For one, Apple implemented a new amazing tool: screen recording.

Boring screenshots are over. Let’s move forward and start recording screens.

The screenshots that we know are great but having a screen recording tool is even better. Indeed, a video says a lot more than an image. To record a screen, you will need to activate this option in your phone settings. Then, the recording button will appear in the Control Center and you just have to tap it to start recording. From the moment that you tap the button, you have 3 seconds before it starts recording your screen. Just enough time to move to the screen that you want to record.


This feature is perfect for reporting bugs. It allows you to show step-by-step how to find the issue. With a basic screenshot, it can be complicated to report a bug and show exactly where the problem is, while with a video, it’s way easier and more understandable.

Here’s something else that’s just as helpful: you can also record your voice and give even more information. You’ll just have to tap the recording button a little bit longer (or harder) to activate the microphone and start recording your voice.

This feature is such an amazing tool for testers. You can walk the developer through the issue that you filed and be sure that they have a perfect understanding of what should be fixed.

We already love this screen recording tool, but we can understand that some developers and testers will still prefer screenshots. It’s just a question of habit. Don’t worry, Apple didn’t forget you. With a brand new interface to edit screenshots, the experience is way better than before.

You just take a screenshot like you used to do with the previous iOS. As soon as the screenshot is taken, you now have a new interface which opens up and allows you to edit the shot. You are able to use different kinds of pens and colors. Once you’re done editing, Apple will ask you if you want to save the initial screenshot or if you want to delete it right away. As you can see, editing screenshots is now painless.

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In this post, we wanted to focus mostly on features for testers. But the new iOS is full of hidden features that everyone will love. Here are some examples of what you will get:

  • Control Center: A brand new Control Center interface. They redesigned it to make it fit on one page. Apps are definitely more accessible now. You can also choose the apps that you want to have in the Control Center, which wasn’t possible before. You won’t be able to select just any kind of app, though.

  • WI-FI: It has never been very easy to share your wi-fi with someone. Most of the time, wi-fi passwords are very complicated. It makes sense, you don’t want to have just anyone using your network without your permission. But when you want to share the connection with your friend, it can be very annoying to spell letter by letter, number by number and symbol by symbol. Apple is making this simpler. Now, if someone wants to connect to your wi-fi network while you are connected with your phone, it will send you a notification to allow a new device on the network. If you approve it, your friend will access the connection directly. Painless, right?

  • Photos: picture quality has been getting better and better throughout the new iOS versions. But this also means that the sizes are getting larger. With iOS 11 and its HEIF and HEVC photos and videos, you will get the same quality of images at a much smaller file size. This will work on the iPhone 7 and newer. This is exciting news for all the people who don’t have a lot of storage in their phones!



It’s been awhile since there’s been a new iPhone to add to our library, but the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+, along with iOS 11, have us very excited.

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