August Android and iOS Stats

It’s always interesting for us to watch the data on Android and Apple operating system usage over time. With each new OS version comes a need to test on it, and the data that Android and Apple release each month help us to know where we should focus our time and resources.

While most Apple users seem to keep up with upgrades, Android users show more of a spread among versions. Both platforms have new operating systems on the horizon, but while Android Oreo was technically launched, it still won’t reach all Android smartphones for a little while. Let’s take a look at what we saw happen last month.




At the time of Apple’s measurement, a whopping 89% of devices were using iOS 10.  Last month, we reported a slight change of 1% of users moving from iOS 9 to iOS 10; this past month another 1% upgraded to iOS 10, as well as another 1% of users who had iOS 8 or earlier.

At the Apple Keynote on September 12, which we recapped over on the BetaCrash blog, Apple revealed a myriad of new devices, and the release of iOS 11 on September 19.

With iOS 11 releasing this month, and the iPhone 8 and iPhone X coming preinstalled with it, surely we’ll be seeing a drastic change in these numbers very soon. Historically, Apple always sees a rather quick consumer uptake. We’re interested in watching the adoption rate of iOS 11 over the coming months.





The majority of Android users, 32.2% of them, are currently using Marshmallow 6.0. While more people are currently still using Lollipop 5.0 or 5.1 than the newer Nougat 7.0 or 7.1, (28.8% vs 15.8% with versions combined), Nougat’s usage did rise by 4.3% and should keep rising. There is still no data for Oreo 8.0.

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