May 2017 Android/iOS stats and new releases

The last Google I/O conference showcased the new Android O. The operating system is still in development but you can already download the Developer Preview 3 version.

We knew about the second developer version during I/O 2017 but since June 5, Google has released a third version.

The rumors say that Android O should be out for Q3 of 2017, and maybe even this summer.

Image source: Maritime News

This new version comes with hundreds of fixed issues. For all developers who wrote their code in a previous version, Google posted a report named “Android API Differences Report” which warns you about the programming differences and helps you to identify issues.

Better autonomy for your phone.
The optimization of applications management in the background, the “picture-in-picture” mode and smart notifications on Android O should give your phone better autonomy.

While users can have a first taste of Android O through the developer version, some companies are already working on new smartphones to welcome the operating system. This is the case for Sony who is working on two new mobile devices which will handle Android O.
However, the first devices that will have Android O should be the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL.

Android stats

In the meantime, it’s interesting to analyze the current Android statistics and see how Android users are behaving.


In comparison with last month’s data, we can see that the figures are pretty stable, with some loss for KitKat and both Lollipop versions. Nougat 7.0 continues to raise with a 2.3% gain in users and only a 0.1% raise for Nougat 7.1

The release of Android O during summer should impact the data. However, the new operating system won’t be available on a lot of smartphones so we are expecting a pretty slow transition.

iOS stats

Recently, Apple held their famous annual WWDC conference. We wrote a post to recap all the announcements, make sure to check it out here.

One of the biggest announcements was about the new operating system, iOS 11. It will be available on iPhones and iPads.

The last release of the iPhone 7 wasn’t as good as expected. Indeed, the design of the phone was too similar to the iPhone 6 and the new features were not very impressive. While the VR world is growing fast, Apple didn’t add any virtual reality features, in contrast to their competitors like Google. The only “big” improvement that the brand mentioned was the waterproofing.

We know that the company is working on the next iPhone, which might be named the iPhone 8. This new release brings a lot of expectations from iPhone users.

Image source: AppleInsider

The new model should run iOS 11, which was showcased during WWDC 2017. We listed the new features in our blog post about WWDC. Here are our favorite ones:

  • On iPads: several new features will make your experience even more amazing. Everything will be more organized with a new Files application that looks like what we used to have with the Finder on MacOS.
  • You will also find a Dock at the bottom of your screen. All Apple lovers are familiar with this tool which has always been on MacOS.
  • Multitasking seems to be the key to success. Google is also betting on that feature with Android O and its picture-in-picture mode. The goal is to be able to use several apps at the same time to be more productive. You will just have to drag and drop one of your favorite apps from the Dock to the side of the screen to split the view.
  • Apple also improved their Pencil with better quality.
  • The biggest improvement is the augmented reality feature. ARKit is a new framework which allows developers to build AR apps. The goal is to blend digital objects with the environment around you. You will be immersed in a world balanced between reality and virtuality.
  • On iPhone, Apple Pay will be available with iMessage. You will be able to pay anybody just by sending a message.
  • The Live Photos feature has been improved to be more creative.
  • The Camera will get new professional-quality filters.
  • The new App Store is one of the biggest changes. We have been used to the same interface for a while, and it’s now with a brand new design that the App Store will showcase new apps and games.
  • And finally, Siri will be smarter. For instance, she will now be able to translate your request in several languages.

We are very excited by those new releases but for now, let’s focus on the current iOS stats.

Only 3% of Apple users are using an older version. The majority turned to iOS 10 which is available on the latest iPhones (from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7). 11% of users are still using iOS 9.
Since the latest OS is only available on the newest iPhones, we can think that Apple users are always looking for the newest device.

The launch of iOS 11 and the iPhone 8 will have a big impact on the statistics. Since we know that users are excited by new releases and are always looking for the latest device, we are expecting that as soon as the new iPhone is launched, people will turn to it.