Black Friday / Cyber Monday: mobile orders are rising!

Just like every year, many people shopped online this Black Friday. Black Friday generally brings in a lot of revenue and is a good opportunity to gain customers and promote your business. Black Friday is a worldwide event, so the same scenario happens every year: a peak of activity and an increase in sales.

Adobe recently published their new report on Black Friday sales totals. The online sales record continues to be broken year-over-year, and the 2016 holiday season was no exception. This year, online vendors saw $3.34 billion in total revenue. This is 21.6% higher than last year.

As you can see from those figures, businesses need to have a very stable website to accommodate a sudden influx of customers.

$1.2 billion of the total revenue was generated via mobile purchases, an increase of 33% over last year. According to Adobe’s report, the trend is to buy online on mobile and tablets. This means that your website needs to work perfectly on every device or you will risk losing customers and revenue.

You have to be aware that the performance of your website directly impacts your online business.

For example, in terms of loading times, website performance is especially important: 40% of customers leave a website if it has not fully loaded in 3 seconds.  


Walmart: 60% of orders placed on mobile

In 2014, some larger companies (ex: Tesco, PC World and Currys) didn’t succeed during Black Friday. They experienced a big customer churn just because their website was inefficient, and they were not prepared to handle all online customers and orders.

This year, Walmart succeeded during this intense weekend and achieved 60% of their sales through mobile devices.


Being mobile friendly is a big deal!

As you’ve seen from the stats so far, mobile orders are on the rise. Companies like Walmart, Amazon, and Target achieved more than half their revenue via mobile devices during Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Adobe’s report mentioned that mobile orders generated $1.2 billion during this last weekend. This represents 40% of sales, with 29% via mobile and 11% via tablet.


The importance of a stable web/mobile app

The ultimate way to be prepared for any kind of increased website activity is to have your mobile and web application tested by a QA team. Testing can help ensure that your website is bug-free, able to maintain fast performance speeds under heavy traffic, and will lead your clients to successful purchases.

Moreover, testing provides assurance that your web application is accessible on mobile devices.

Plus QA is trusted by large companies to ensure that their app meets the requirements before big launches or even before events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

At Plus QA, we test on more than 200 mobile devices and many system versions in our lab every day. Our testing services help businesses maintain a successful app without any bugs or performance issues that deter visitors or block potential profits.


Cyber Monday: $838 million sales on mobile

Black Friday is extended by Cyber Monday, giving consumers an extra day of web-only deals and discounts. Last year’s profits were record-breaking with $3.19 billion in total digital sales. Once again, mobile orders rose with 53% of growth compared to 2014 and $838 million sales on mobile.

From the figures, it’s easy to understand how crucial website quality is, especially during the last week of November. Consumers browse and make purchases from many different phones and tablets, and Plus QA’s large device library can help ensure that your website is accessible and works across multiple browsers and operating systems. In addition to testing the app’s functionality and cross-device compatibility, we also help our clients test for accessibility. Having a stable application accessible to all is the key to success.