Employee Feature: Meet Anya – From Russia to Portland

Anya has been a QA Analyst at Plus QA for the past 3 years. She enjoys traveling and discovering new places…


Where are you from? How did you make your way to Portland?

I’m originally from Moscow, Russia. I also spent a few years living in the Netherlands and Israel before winning the Green Card Lottery that brought me to the U.S. The thing I love most in life is not just traveling, but actually living in other countries, learning people’s culture and languages, and meeting new people. Portland appeared to be one of the rare American cities that functions exactly like any European city, having high walkability and public transportation. Besides, our only friend from the U.S. at that time lived in Portland.

Upon arrival I immediately fell in love with all the roses, local coffee shops and breweries, and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the city. 


How did you get into QA?

I have a degree in Philology and worked for many years as an editor and editor-in-chief for digital editions. Moving from country to country I realized that, in my situation, it would be great to switch to the IT field, as IT specialists are needed worldwide. Having lots of experience in working with texts, I developed an attention to detail that is a must-have for a QA tester. I took online classes at Portnov Computer School, located in Los Altos (California), that is famous for preparing Software QA specialists. Additionally, I started making my first steps by working at uTest, the professional network for testers, and reached the Silver level there. So when my friend told me about Manu and his QA company, located 25 minutes by bike from where I live, I felt that I was well prepared to go for my first QA interview.


What has your experience at Plus QA been like so far?

Well, I’ve been with the company almost three years now. I remember Plus QA being a small team, but within a short period of time the company grew, employing more and more people. It’s amazing to witness a small business developing from a startup to a solid, well-known and respected company. But something remained the same over the years – a friendly atmosphere and respect for all. And hey, the company is dog-friendly! 


What do you do for fun?

I enjoy walking. I can walk for hours and hours straight ahead, taking photos of all the beautiful things I see – nature and animals, buildings and coffees. I also like cycling, hiking, going to movies, and reading. I’m interested in performance art and finding my inspiration in an ancient Nepalese ritual dance tradition. Proud to be a part of the “Dance Mandal” troupe located in Portland. 

What are you looking forward to in the next couple months?

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Plus QA Holidays party! It’s a great opportunity to socialize with my co-workers, many of whom I only see briefly in device storage room. It’s been a great year so far, many new people joined the company in 2016. I’m sure we are going to have much fun!

And for the next couple of months I’m looking forward to more interesting projects to work on.

PLUS QA Analyst Marvin smiling at the camera for a headshot.